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Things that grind my gears

Well, one thing anyway. For now. It really bugs me how websites will have a little question at the top of the screen and only give you one option. For example, if you do a google search and have a word that google doesn’t believe in, it’ll give you a “did you mean _____?” where it tries to fix your spelling. The problem is they ask a question and only give you one option to answer. Don’t you think they could be gaining valuable information if they also included a “NO” button? If you’re going to be all cutesy and ask a question, give me an option to answer truthfully, or don’t ask the question to begin with, just do a “Alternative searches: _______” or something. And as a continuation just to complain a little bit more, right now wordpress is trying to do a “Ooo, look at us, we can update our look so it’s the same as google’s crappy art direction, too!” thing right now, that I absolutely HATE. The old stats page gave you a nice compact layout where all of the relevant information was right there, and with the new one they’ve made it so arty that everything has to be in a long list so to get any information you have to scroll down… and scroll down some more… and scroll down some more… Now, at the top of the old stats page they have a “Have you tried the new stats page?” and the only option is a “show me” button. Oh how I wish there was a “yes I tried it and I’m back here for a reason” button…



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Really? REALLY? C’mon.

Seen on Amazon


How many, exactly, fake holidays are we going to create for the holidays, to try and drum up consumer spending before we all admit that it’s dumb and go live in a tent because it’s all we can afford? And “Green Monday?” That’s the best you can do? Is next Monday going to be “Blue Monday” or “Mauve Monday?” What about Wednesday the 17th? Could it be “Blood Red Wednesday?” OOO, OOO, I KNOW! The third Tuesday in December shall heretofore be known as “Burnt Umber Tuesday” and we shall all celebrate it with a special extra 1% off everything in the Art Supplies category!


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globallwurmingWhat the… 43 for the low on Wednesday?!?!? Where the heck is my global warming at?


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Don’t start none won’t be none


Well… they asked.


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Why do I consider myself an Independent? Because every political party out there wants to be a tin pot dictator, they just want to ignore different parts of the constitution.


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quote of the gun control

From The Miller:

“The biggest question I have today is why was President Obama more upset about this than the terrorist bombing in Boston?”



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Helping Hippies and Hurting Hunters

So Hickenlooper has launched a new “Re-branding Colorado” campaign, where you can tweet or share pictures about what makes Colorado special to you. I’m trying to think of some good slogans that are spam-worthy. My mom suggested “Rock Mountain High” which is pretty good, but maybe a little too insider baseball. “Stoned, Disarmed, and Happy”? “Highest College Graduate Population in the Country, but least amount of Higher Education Funding”? (not making that up, btw) “Colorado: Let the Cleansing Begin”? “2014, Bitchez! Bring it!”?

Wait, I think I’m maybe getting off track. In any case, it’s just shiny frills to keep the clueless proles happy.

Got any suggestions?

Oh yeah, and “F*ck Denver!”


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Gun Case Questions

It’s a day of blegging, apparently.

Since it appears that I should be doing more gun-and-magazine-locking-upping in the near future, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for easily lockable cases. I would prefer one that could hold more than one rifle at a time, and was a nice sturdy hard case. The plano-esque one that my ORC came with is ok, but firmly on the flimsy side. I was thinking that I should also get a separate lockable box for my OMGEEEEVILLL (but still ok enough to be grandfathered in) over-15-round magazines, just so when Officer Friendly stops you for your burnt out tail light he can’t start jumping to conclusions right away. Something that doesn’t scream “GUNS!!!!” would probably be good.

I was looking at this and this (not affiliated with Amazon or it’s affiliates, and any affiliations are purely in the mind of the FCC or FTC or Effin-whatever-the-hell-your-stupid-government-organizations-who-seem-to-be-obsessed-with-making-our-lives-more-difficult-are-called, merely linked for educational purposes.) A bit rich, maybe, but, as my Uncle says, “It’s only a dollar more to go first class.” And despite the recent stock market run, I have my doubts on the long-term worth of my money, so why not convert it into something useful? Something that might usefully help me stay out of jail for malum prohibitumy things? After all, you wouldn’t want any of your high-velocity rifles to escape, since they can go so fast, apparently.

Wow, that turned kinda ranty there at the end, didn’t it?

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Got messages back from both of my (Democrat) senators last night–form letters that didn’t even mention any subjects at all. Just a “thank you for contacting me blah-de-blah-de-blah.”

Representin’ it, yo.

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Never let an opportunity to ask for more money go to waste.

So the wait for an “instant” background check to buy a gun in CO is now over 9 days, and so the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is asking for a raise.  Reward for a job well done?

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Kinda funny how the only person I saw go off the road on the freshly snowy and icy roads this morning was one of the only people who didn’t have their lights on. It’s like, there’s a type of person who is just living to die screaming in a fire.


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My pistol still hasn’t shot anyone. I guess all those knee-jerks in “offices of power” are wrong after all. (Why yes, I did just want an excuse to post a picture, thank you very much)


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Dear Governor Hickenlooper


Fuck off. Seriously. Look, I like you as a governor. You seem to be doing a pretty good job at trying to fix this state’s totally messed up economy, and I really appreciated how you were avoiding things like that. I was even willing to overlook how you were a member of Guns Against Illegal Mayors Mayors Against Illegal Guns when you were mayor of Denver. But how now, instead of alienating every person in the state who doesn’t live in the middle of Denver by flat out saying “gun control, Gun Control, GUN CONTROL!!!”, you say something like “I think we should work on preventing prohibited persons from having access to firearms” and at least pretend you’re doing this for s good reason and not simply because you now have a democratic majority in congress. Mmmkay?


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Still haven’t blown out the sprinklers…

Guess I’ll be finishing up the yard work in the rain.

I’m sure that will do wonders for the little cold I’ve got going on right now.


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