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December 7, 2016 · 07:23



From my roomate in college (who shared in the massive box of bacon I linked to a couple days ago). He is a big time runner, marathons and such, but readily admits that he only does that so he can eat more food.

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Quotes and Links of the Day

I did meet a real racist once in my life, who actually thought the ‘White’ race (by which he meant Prussians) were superior to all others. Perhaps I could count this as an accurate accusation, except for the fact that he was accused of being a racist on the grounds that he was a conservative (he was not) and not because he was a racist (which he was).
–John C. Wright

While other countries might be happy suckling on the benevolent teat of a neo-Marxist government, those countries are not filled with Americans, and we have a different dream for how our lives should be.
–Weer’d Beard

Not a quote, but go look at this from Borepatch. And then remember that I have a whole category for Bacon. And then I might remind of this situation four years ago. That was at least a year off my life, right there in one box.

And then, SpaceX has released some fragmented video that shows their lower stage actually firing it’s engine right before splashdown, and are inviting the internet to try to patch the data together a little better. Crowdsourcing space!

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I like this whole “not going to work at 4:45am” thing



July 2, 2013 · 06:57

Bacon and Green Beans

The first beans out of the garden are in the pot cooking with some bacon and onions.

Looking forward to dinner tonight!

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First Tomato

Quickly, while I have Internet, I wanted to gloat a little bit. There was one red tomato out in the garden, so I made a BLT. Oh, and lettuce from the garden, too.

Broke open the last package of my home-made bacon from my MT ranch friends.



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Wilted Beet Green Salad

Fry up some bacon… add some balsamic vinegar, and some brown sugar… a handful of dried cranberries… garlic and salt and pepper…  throw in a big bunch of beet greens straight from the garden…


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If anyone wanted to buy this for me, please contact me immediately for my shipping information.


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The last minute or so is kinda creepy, but other than that I like it:

Bring me my bacon!

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Bacon Blogging: BLT

High of 85 today, and my brother’s heading home for summer break, so what’s more summery for lunch than BLT?

Mmmmm… bacon…

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Bacon Blogging IV

I brought home a bunch of that bacon–it went through the crash with me and is still delicious.  But it is so big that to cook enough for 4 people is very difficult using conventional skillet or microwave techniques.  So we broke out the oven racks!  Turned out crispy and delicious. 

Other home-made bacon that I spotted around the blogosphere today was at Defends Her Own–you should check that out too.

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Bacon Blogging III

Two pieces of 1/4″ thick home-grown bacon, three eggs with a few tablespoons of heavy whipping cream mixed in, two pieces of toast with butter, one with home-made apple butter and one with marmalade.


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Bacon Blogging II

Bacon and some friends…


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Bacon Blogging

Incidentally, this is the first picture on my blog that was taken from my new Droid.  Fun, fun, fun…


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