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Next to my bed


This is what is currently in the “being read”  pile. Not counting the couple books that were in it that were done, and so got put away before the picture.  All the airplane and tank books are out because a) I’m a plane geek and b) to look for paint schemes for Dropzone Commander, the rulebook for which can also be seen.

That’s 12 wood-pulp books and 6 magazines (and now that I think about it, there’s another couple magazines on the headboard, and we’re not even counting the bibles and devotionals and hymnal…), and who knows how many things are in the Kindle…


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Summer Book Binge–Honor Harrington

Started June 28, 2014: David Weber’s Honor Harrington series (hint–go here for all sorts of great Baen books). After finishing the 12 books in the main storyline available from the aforementioned website, I just purchased and started book 13, “A Rising Thunder.” On the aforementioned website were several short story compilations and the beginnings of two side storylines, which I will read when I’m done with book 13.

Wondering why I haven’t been posting much, lately?  Because I’ve read 12 books in the past 15 days is why.


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My next book


I saw it and said “hello I am interested in your idea and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.”


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Another book

This time John Ringo’s “Princess of Wands.” It was ok. A strange mix of 2 dimensional characters and 3 dimensional thoughts, a bit of Monster Hunter International and more “Oh John Ringo No!” than it needed. The part where he pretty much red-shirted the entire stable of Baen authors (including, I’m pretty sure, himself) was kind of hilarious. I read it in less than 24 hours, so that’s something, at least (or possibly just showing my extreme lack of self control). I’d give it 2.5 out of 5, especially if you would like to have a bit of theology to think on with your standard “stupid ‘urban’ fantasy action.”

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I finally got around to reading Dune. Bought it from the used bookstore a while back, an ’80’s vintage copy that, from the name written inside the front cover, came from a guy in Alaska. It was an interesting story. I liked it, and stayed up wayyyy too late several nights reading it, but the whole time I kind of got the impression that Frank Herbert was on some sort of illicit substance when he wrote it. I’ve been wrong before, though. I kinda want to read the rest of them, but I’ve been told that they just get really weird and aren’t worth your time. *shrugs*


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Butch is inspiring me to record the books I read again. I sort of petered out midway through 2012. Not the reading part, still doing as much of that as always (gotta have my space opera fix and cheap and cheesey fantasy fix), but the recording it part. So to kick things off I just finished Sharon Lee and Steve Miller’s second short story compendium, “Liaden Universe Constellation 2.” And yes, fyi, I did read the first collection, but that was last year (see sentence #3). The Liaden Universe gets my vote as best character-driven sci fi (aka, Space Opera, but my way sounds more pretentious), just barely eeking past the Vorkosigan books. Interesting, well built cultures, great characters, and “I Dare” has the best story arc climax I’ve ever read. These collections of short stories fills in all sorts of gaps in the main story arc where you might have wondered “How did all those mercenaries wind up in all those taxi cabs?” as well as a few that are simply stories in the setting with out any big connections. Definitely not a place to start if you are interested in these books, but a great accompaniment to them if you’re a fan.

And, ooh, a new category has been added! Rather than doing “books of _____” it’s just going to be “books.” That way if I crap out again, I don’t have to feel obligated to record every single one I read in a year…

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