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I did meet a real racist once in my life, who actually thought the ‘White’ race (by which he meant Prussians) were superior to all others. Perhaps I could count this as an accurate accusation, except for the fact that he was accused of being a racist on the grounds that he was a conservative (he was not) and not because he was a racist (which he was).
–John C. Wright

While other countries might be happy suckling on the benevolent teat of a neo-Marxist government, those countries are not filled with Americans, and we have a different dream for how our lives should be.
–Weer’d Beard

Not a quote, but go look at this from Borepatch. And then remember that I have a whole category for Bacon. And then I might remind of this situation four years ago. That was at least a year off my life, right there in one box.

And then, SpaceX has released some fragmented video that shows their lower stage actually firing it’s engine right before splashdown, and are inviting the internet to try to patch the data together a little better. Crowdsourcing space!

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