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Blogs aren’t dead

Got my wordpress “year in review” thing where they show you what your most popular posts are over the course of the past year. So, I find it telling about my current blogging situation that my most popular post in all of 2015 is this one. A post from February 2014. Whoop whoop. And for some reason my posting dropped off precipitously along about July. But I think it’s for a good cause. After all, the internet, as I said in that second post I linked, is full of crazy people who like to yell at each other, and I’m finding the charm of it has worn off. But don’t expect me to go away. Still got to have somewhere to show off the weirdest of the youtube videos I find.


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So wow… this blog is 5 years old.

I just realized that I blew right past my 5 year (right? 2014-2009=5 so that seems right) blogoversary, which was on December 4. Also sometime in the past week I went past post #4444, which is kinda neat. Looking back at that first year I think I put a lot more effort into things. Like, writing paragraphs instead of sentences. Goes to show you what a moron I was. Pfft, effort, who likes that stuff? And now that I’ve said that, I guess I’ve got a few paragraphs in me to complain about things.

More and more I simply find myself disinterested in current events. Everything seems to have devolved into name calling, and after really getting into following politics and the news when I first started this thing, now I just find those subjects distasteful and deceitful. I’ll read half of an article from some sort of conservative/libertarian viewpoint until the author just starts blaming the president for whatever the peeve of the day is and I just tune it out and click on the next tab. I’ll look at some website for movie reviews and they’ll start talking about global warming and it just turns me off the whole thing. Politics has seemingly infiltrated anything and everything, and it’s just… shallow. I guess I’ve turned from a “conservative libertarian” to a “there is nothing new under the sun, so just leave me alone” partier. As Borepatch says: “Democrats are not the problem, and Republicans are not the solution.” They’re all finks. I laugh at the politics of both my liberal and my conservative friends when I hang out with them, and how vehement they get. As Prof. Mondo says: “If your politics are bigger than your life, you’re doing one of them wrong.”

Honestly, I don’t even look at most of my gunblogs any more, since it only seems to be a mix of “idiot anti-gunner said something idiotic” and “9mm is the new 45.” I get it guys. I get it. There really is nothing new under the sun…

I guess that’s why I’m spending most of my internety time these days on miniature wargaming and aquarium forums. Always something new to learn and none of it is political. Don’t expect me to go away though! As long as my stupidphone can take pictures and run a WordPress app there will always be random sunsets and food, and as long as youtube keeps shooting crazy videos at me you’ll be the first (or at least, second) ones to get hit by the shrapnel.



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According to WordPress, I registered this blog on WordPress 3 years ago. Looking back at my old blogspot blog, it looks like about a year later I made the official switch. Which means that I was on blogger for about 2.25 years, and now I’ve been on WordPress for about 2.25 years. Which means I’ve been “running” this Waste O’ Time™ for about 4.5 years. I’m torn between being impressed at my commitment or being depressed at how effective I am at wasting my time. As I quoted from that poster oh so long ago on my first post: “Blogging: Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.”

Oh well. Where else am I going to keep track of weird youtube videos?

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Gun Linky!

Displaced Louisiana Guy lays down the gunny gauntlet, and I can happily say that I fulfilled his requirements earlier this week!  Throw down a picture of your EDC gat, and link back at him, won’t you?  I feel a decided lack of linkery lately, and this seems a fine way to lead away from it.  And since we’re talking about carry pieces, I made a new header the other day and it will be featured exclusively for a day or two.


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Bloggin’ ’bout bloggin’

In the past couple days I’ve been getting quite a few hits from my old blogspot blog. Is there someone out there who is still using that ol’ place? You should update your links! It’s not like I’ve been on wordpress for almost two years or anything.

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4 years old today

This blog is, anyway. Here’s a repost of my very first weird music video, from December 4, 2009

Still pretty great music, still mind-boggling that I’m still talking however infrequently into the aether.


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Still getting hits after all these years

This post.

That, my friends, is how you blog.  And also–wow, I’ve been doing this for a long time.


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Bloggin’ ’bout bloggin’

According to WordPress today is the day, two years ago, when I started getting the feeling that Blogspot wasn’t the way for me anymore, and so started this one to mess around with. Nearly a year later in the beginning of March 2012 I made it official and came here. The crazy thing is, I felt like the Blogspot one was just starting to take off, getting more and more views, but I just didn’t want to deal with Google’s never ending unsupport of alternatively ignoring Blogger and then adding more and more “features” no one liked, not to mention having all of my stuff under one account never makes me comfortable. Since then I’ve held pretty steady here, but no where near the same number of incoming links as it seems I used to get. Ah well, I guess my brand of free ice cream is a flavor like “Summer Tomato”–an acquired taste for only connoisseurs (how do you like that, right? Nothing like stroking both my and my viewer’s egos!). In the end, I like using WordPress a lot more than Blogger (much easier to post pictures from my phone, and to embed videos, among other things), and that’s really all I care about.


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It’s not often I come across a video so Earth-shattering weird that I am forced to re-blog it, but this is one of those times. From the Adaptive Curmudgeon comes this:

I really need to make a “Music?” category to go along with my “Music” one.


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New policy

From now on, when I see a blog post talking about the Democrats in Denver, I will cheerfully leave a comment consisting of at least these words: “F*ck Denver!” (censored because it will be on someone else’s turf).

If it wasn’t for that hive of scum and villainy, Colorado would be a much nicer place to live. But like everywhere else, it’s the Metropolitan area that screws over everyone else in the state. And I don’t know if out of staters, and even people from the front range, get the amount of dislike–or maybe even actual hatred–that exists in Western Colorado for our capitol. In a perfect world we would have taken John Wesley Powell’s advice and made state borders by watersheds instead of random straight lines.

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Fun with spam

I went to the stylish beach.
I found a sea shell and said
“You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.”
She placed the shell to her ear
and screamed.
i am following you.
I like what I see
I am really grateful

this time


so how are you?
in poor health undoubtedly
you command everybody
come further

you wish.


you shield this hike inside
just a hermit crab inside
a lot of shakiness


This paragraph
posted at
this website
in fact



Cut and pasted and mixed and matched several spam comments in various ways to get these. No typing was done on my part, only sorting words and punctuation that was already there. I especially like the first one… it’s creepy.


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This post is my 3,000th, according to WordPress.

I don’t really have anything else to say.

Sometimes I gotta toot my own horn.


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Three Years Running. Crap.

Just realized that I’ve been running a blog called Deadmandance, either here or on blogspot, for three years as of this past Tuesday. And dammit I expect someone to send me a cupcake, or at least a congratulations this year, since last year I got nothing. Nothing, I say.

Three years. Yikes. That’s 2,890 posts or so, assuming my count is somewhat accurate, or about two and a half per day, on average.

Maybe instead of a cupcake I should ask for an intervention…


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Irony, thy name is Spambot

Well, Cheap Granola Outdoors Fashion Statement Coats, if that is your real name, I just use the standard whatever WordPress uses, and it hasn’t let me down yet.  Perhaps you need to stop hanging out with the Cheap Viagra Here spambots to stop getting so much.

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