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Oooooo, space…

Now this looks like it could be fun…

Build your own space program! I stayed up way too late last night blowing up rockets and sending the three man capsule on an endless voyage into the abyss, but I haven’t yet achieved a real orbit. Curse this thing called “time” and the lack of it in my life!



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This is just wrong

Abraham LINKoln iPhone case.

If you don’t get the joke, you weren’t raised on old Nintendo games.  Don’t feel bad, it’s probably a good thing.

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Makes me a bit sad

Adam Adamowicz, the concept artist at Bethesda Studios who basically designed the entire world of Fallout 3, has died.  Go here to see some of his work, and some of the method behind the madness.

In case you didn’t know, Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic game set in a world that diverges from ours from maybe the 50’s on, and where the world has been nuked back to pre-industrial times.  With mutants (both good and bad), human settlers picking through the remnants, squabbling factions of people who still have access to high- technology, and a soundtrack of the most peppy 50’s love songs, it is an amazingly engrossing and intriguing world.


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