Beltman update

Many years ago I bought a beltman belt and key hanger. A while back the spring broke and I stopped using it. Came across it while straightening up so I emailed them. “Send it in with a $5 bill and we’ll get it right back to you!”

So here it is again. Same silver dollar, same leather, and a lovely new brass clip.

So there you go. I’m still alive, though the fall crush for work about killed me. A month and a half of unpredictable 12-16 hour days just suck.



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Life Goal, Check

I was insulted by a telemarketer who would just not leave me alone. But since I ticked him off he hasn’t called me back…

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Kimchi again

Let’s see if it works better than last time, when it molded, and was not delicious. 

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Bachin’ it

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I admit it

I bought a shiny new iPhone to replace the old droid that was getting to be annoying to use. It has a neat camera. 

We’re back from Ireland, by the way.

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Best. BnB. EVER.


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Next door

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Behind the fort is a couple hundred foot drop

The best part is that there’s absolutely no safety rails or even warning signs. All they had was something telling you not to climb on the (3000-5000 year old) walls.

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The old family home

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The other Belfast

Last year we stayed at the one in Maine.

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They don’t care what you think they know they’re cool

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Mason Bees


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Morrow Point

Also lens flare, because cell phone.

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