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Cats and Such

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Thousand yard stare

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Speaking of Dubstep

Thank you random person going through my archives to remind me of this post! Oh wow, I completely forgot about that Windows XP bootup dubstep song!

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I like

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So I just discovered this guy, and subsequently spent 4 hours watching his videos

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The things you learn on Wikipedia

The Soviet Union built a number of automated lighthouses powered by radioisotope thermoelectric generators in remote locations. They operated for long periods without external support with great reliability. However numerous installations deteriorated, were stolen, or vandalized. Some cannot be found due to poor record keeping.

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From my uncle the mechanic:


The most telling fact I have about gun ownership in MT is that my super wacky liberal environmentalist sociology professor was also an avid hunter (and gun owner).


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My latest favorite documentary

If you like baseball in any shape, you’ll probably like this. A very interesting and entertaining documentary about the Portland Mavericks, an independent single-A team in the 70’s (owned by Bing Russel, Kurt Russel’s dad and actor from a ton of westerns) when there were no other independent teams anywhere.

Had a nice credits song as well:

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Weird Music Videos

Are weird.

I;m in the strange position that I don’t mind the music but I think the video itself is pretty much unwatchable. Like, WTF, man?


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Momma Bear

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Impressive. Most impressive.

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If you need a job to work out your aggression

I just spent a couple hours loading, moving, unloading, WAILING ON WITH A ROCK HAMMER BABY!!!! to chip off old mortar, and stacking a bunch more old bricks. You get to hit stuff, break stuff, throw stuff, and wind up with a tidy stack of bricks to make you feel successful. I think everyone should have a big pile of old bricks to work on.

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A bit slow to reload, but very entertaining.



February 6, 2015 · 21:26