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From my uncle the mechanic:


The most telling fact I have about gun ownership in MT is that my super wacky liberal environmentalist sociology professor was also an avid hunter (and gun owner).


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My latest favorite documentary

If you like baseball in any shape, you’ll probably like this. A very interesting and entertaining documentary about the Portland Mavericks, an independent single-A team in the 70’s (owned by Bing Russel, Kurt Russel’s dad and actor from a ton of westerns) when there were no other independent teams anywhere.

Had a nice credits song as well:

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Weird Music Videos

Are weird.

I;m in the strange position that I don’t mind the music but I think the video itself is pretty much unwatchable. Like, WTF, man?


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Momma Bear

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Impressive. Most impressive.

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If you need a job to work out your aggression

I just spent a couple hours loading, moving, unloading, WAILING ON WITH A ROCK HAMMER BABY!!!! to chip off old mortar, and stacking a bunch more old bricks. You get to hit stuff, break stuff, throw stuff, and wind up with a tidy stack of bricks to make you feel successful. I think everyone should have a big pile of old bricks to work on.

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A bit slow to reload, but very entertaining.



February 6, 2015 · 21:26

Well, Butch, thanks

I went and did it.


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Definitely NSFW*


And the soundtrack, while we’re at it

*Unless you work somewhere where gratuitous blood splattering across topless women is safe for work

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What happens when your hair gets long but you don’t want to look like a dirty hippie?

I don’t know what you would do but I went out and bought a tube of brylcreem. If it’s good enough for my grandpa then it’s good enough for me! And, always remember, a little dab’ll do ya.


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Favorite Youtube Comment:

“Dracula makes halftime so much more entertaining.”

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My favorite youtube comment from this video:

“The Eagles game ought to be the halftime act for the dogs’ show.”

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I’ve just discovered this guy on Youtube, and I absolutely love him. While I don’t exactly share his views on winter, lets just say that I can certainly sympathize:

Yesterday out at my dam I had to chip out the outlet control stem to measure the water level. In the course of this, I did a total Looney Tunes moment on the ice, where your legs go spinning in a blur before your feet flip out from under you, and landed squarely on the measuring tape I had on my hip. Then, not 5 minutes later going down the other side a rock hidden under the snow went out from under me and I landed squarely on the measuring tape in the exact same place on my hip again. Bearing in mind that I’ve now been going out to this dam at least once a week since last September (averaging I think something like 2.5 times a week though), and I’ve had this exact same measuring tape on the exact same spot on my hip for nearly all of those other days, and never landed on my hip once, let alone twice in a day, I’m inclined to scream “WHYYYYYY?” to the heavens.


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