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Changed the oil on the little yellow car and the wife’s good ol’ maxima last night. I really like how the Fit is set up–pull out the splash guard, and the oil pan and filter are right there. Not at all like the truck, which always makes me curse at Ford’s idiot engineers when I try to somehow get my hand up inside the engine bay to get the filter out. The maxima is also simple, though that is helped by how the splash guards have all been damaged to various degrees (it is 16 years old, after all) so it’s more accessible then it was as originally delivered.


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Good timing


Saturday, the day in question, the day that the countdown has been for since last October, is going to be the nicest day of the week! June weddings, man.


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Do you know how hard it is to find an in-stock California king locally that is a reasonable price? Well, let me tell you how hard it is: I just bought a mattress off the internet. We’ll see what happens…

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So yeah

I have now spent more on just the shoes I’m going to wear to my wedding than my wife-to-be has spent on her dress. She’s a smart cookie.


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Took the day off

Had 13 cu yds of 3-15″ river rocks delivered yesterday so the guy with the skid steer came this morning to spread them out. One of the spruce trees we planted last year died over the summer, so while the skid steer was here to do the heavy work, we got a new tree delivered. At that point half the day was shot already and it’s supposed to snow tonight, so I decided to really play hooky and spend a few hours picking up hoses and generally straightening out things that don’t need to get snowed on. Now I’m kinda pooped, so I’m enjoying some apple pie moonshine and I think I’m gonna play some Fallout 4 since it came out today. So there.


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I’m back

I left with a girlfriend last week to MT to see all the peeps. I misplaced her somewhere near Phillipsburg, but I came home with a fiancée.


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Just spent $100 on various clover, sweet pea, and wildflower seeds. Maybe I’ll be able to beat back the vile forces of Weeds a little bit.

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Spent today climbing over my dam, going through three layers of sunscreen and sweating through an almost 80 degree day.

Tomorrow I’m going up into the mountains with my snowshoes to monitor some ice problems on a much much different dam.

Hopefully I’m able to successfully switch modes and not show up in the snow with flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

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Burned the field and fences this morning, went to a funeral this afternoon, and now I’m sitting with a tall gin and tonic in the easy chair with The Rocketeer on the TV. Can’t say it was a good day since the funeral was for a good, good friend, but I guess I can say that I’m content.

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It’s not much but it’s a start

The start of my spring fitness training.


It only represents about 20 wheelbarrow loads of dirt that got taken out. Ow my spine.


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Seen on the road


I walked the dog 6 miles down the riverfront trail to the brewery, met a friend for lunch, and got a ride home, at which point we spent an hour watching funny youtube videos. Now my feet hurt, but it was worth it.


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Well, damn


It’s not even the middle of February. Guess there’s not going to be any fruit this year–just because it’s 70 now doesn’t mean that it’s not going to frost at some point. And those little blossoms sure don’t appreciate the cold…

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If you need a job to work out your aggression

I just spent a couple hours loading, moving, unloading, WAILING ON WITH A ROCK HAMMER BABY!!!! to chip off old mortar, and stacking a bunch more old bricks. You get to hit stuff, break stuff, throw stuff, and wind up with a tidy stack of bricks to make you feel successful. I think everyone should have a big pile of old bricks to work on.

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What happens when your hair gets long but you don’t want to look like a dirty hippie?

I don’t know what you would do but I went out and bought a tube of brylcreem. If it’s good enough for my grandpa then it’s good enough for me! And, always remember, a little dab’ll do ya.


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