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Took the day off

Had 13 cu yds of 3-15″ river rocks delivered yesterday so the guy with the skid steer came this morning to spread them out. One of the spruce trees we planted last year died over the summer, so while the skid steer was here to do the heavy work, we got a new tree delivered. At that point half the day was shot already and it’s supposed to snow tonight, so I decided to really play hooky and spend a few hours picking up hoses and generally straightening out things that don’t need to get snowed on. Now I’m kinda pooped, so I’m enjoying some apple pie moonshine and I think I’m gonna play some Fallout 4 since it came out today. So there.


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I’m back

I left with a girlfriend last week to MT to see all the peeps. I misplaced her somewhere near Phillipsburg, but I came home with a fiancée.


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Just spent $100 on various clover, sweet pea, and wildflower seeds. Maybe I’ll be able to beat back the vile forces of Weeds a little bit.

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Spent today climbing over my dam, going through three layers of sunscreen and sweating through an almost 80 degree day.

Tomorrow I’m going up into the mountains with my snowshoes to monitor some ice problems on a much much different dam.

Hopefully I’m able to successfully switch modes and not show up in the snow with flip flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

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Burned the field and fences this morning, went to a funeral this afternoon, and now I’m sitting with a tall gin and tonic in the easy chair with The Rocketeer on the TV. Can’t say it was a good day since the funeral was for a good, good friend, but I guess I can say that I’m content.

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It’s not much but it’s a start

The start of my spring fitness training.


It only represents about 20 wheelbarrow loads of dirt that got taken out. Ow my spine.


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Seen on the road


I walked the dog 6 miles down the riverfront trail to the brewery, met a friend for lunch, and got a ride home, at which point we spent an hour watching funny youtube videos. Now my feet hurt, but it was worth it.


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Well, damn


It’s not even the middle of February. Guess there’s not going to be any fruit this year–just because it’s 70 now doesn’t mean that it’s not going to frost at some point. And those little blossoms sure don’t appreciate the cold…

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If you need a job to work out your aggression

I just spent a couple hours loading, moving, unloading, WAILING ON WITH A ROCK HAMMER BABY!!!! to chip off old mortar, and stacking a bunch more old bricks. You get to hit stuff, break stuff, throw stuff, and wind up with a tidy stack of bricks to make you feel successful. I think everyone should have a big pile of old bricks to work on.

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What happens when your hair gets long but you don’t want to look like a dirty hippie?

I don’t know what you would do but I went out and bought a tube of brylcreem. If it’s good enough for my grandpa then it’s good enough for me! And, always remember, a little dab’ll do ya.


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Going Full Nerd

After setting up a second monitor yesterday, I bought a mechanical keyboard last night. I’ve pretty much hated the stupid wireless keyboard I bought on sale when I built this computer, and I guess I just snapped.

Learn from my mistakes, kiddies, don’t buy a cheap wireless keyboard because you might wind up so frustrated with it that you go and spend 5 times more on something nicer, rather than just starting out with something only twice as expensive.


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Frivolous, but

With my christmas bonus money I purchased a swath of items, including the shrimp, but probably the most frivolous was to upgrade one of the “random 2gb RAM card someone gave you so you plugged it in since you had a free slot” with a nice shiny new 8 gb card to match the other one you bough when you built the compy. Tacit Blue is up to 20 gb, baby! Maybe next year I’ll be able to find a graphics card to match and mate with the one I’ve got…


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Ah Christmas morning…

Nothing like waking up at 5 o’clock to the… sound of the dog puking in her kennel…

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So wow… this blog is 5 years old.

I just realized that I blew right past my 5 year (right? 2014-2009=5 so that seems right) blogoversary, which was on December 4. Also sometime in the past week I went past post #4444, which is kinda neat. Looking back at that first year I think I put a lot more effort into things. Like, writing paragraphs instead of sentences. Goes to show you what a moron I was. Pfft, effort, who likes that stuff? And now that I’ve said that, I guess I’ve got a few paragraphs in me to complain about things.

More and more I simply find myself disinterested in current events. Everything seems to have devolved into name calling, and after really getting into following politics and the news when I first started this thing, now I just find those subjects distasteful and deceitful. I’ll read half of an article from some sort of conservative/libertarian viewpoint until the author just starts blaming the president for whatever the peeve of the day is and I just tune it out and click on the next tab. I’ll look at some website for movie reviews and they’ll start talking about global warming and it just turns me off the whole thing. Politics has seemingly infiltrated anything and everything, and it’s just… shallow. I guess I’ve turned from a “conservative libertarian” to a “there is nothing new under the sun, so just leave me alone” partier. As Borepatch says: “Democrats are not the problem, and Republicans are not the solution.” They’re all finks. I laugh at the politics of both my liberal and my conservative friends when I hang out with them, and how vehement they get. As Prof. Mondo says: “If your politics are bigger than your life, you’re doing one of them wrong.”

Honestly, I don’t even look at most of my gunblogs any more, since it only seems to be a mix of “idiot anti-gunner said something idiotic” and “9mm is the new 45.” I get it guys. I get it. There really is nothing new under the sun…

I guess that’s why I’m spending most of my internety time these days on miniature wargaming and aquarium forums. Always something new to learn and none of it is political. Don’t expect me to go away though! As long as my stupidphone can take pictures and run a WordPress app there will always be random sunsets and food, and as long as youtube keeps shooting crazy videos at me you’ll be the first (or at least, second) ones to get hit by the shrapnel.



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