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The wind is blowing
The neighbor’s leaves are caught up
They fall in my yard


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what is this i don’t even

There was an article in the newspaper that explained that Antarctic sea ice is increasing is because of two things. 1) Global Warming, and 2) The ozone hole. Yes, it actually blamed the increase of sea ice on the ozone hole.


I thought we stopped caring about O3 fifteen years ago, about the time, say, that OMGLOBALWARMING became the trendy thing to kill us all. Guess it’s 90’s retro, now, like all the neon clothes going around.


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Screw it.

I’m switching out of shorts and going to pants. Might even tote the XD (against the internet’s advice, as if I cared what it thought). This is the first time in my entire life where the calendar has hit the first day of fall, and the weather has immediately switched to fall (day before, 9 degrees above average, day after, cold and more rain than we’ve had all year).

Of course, if I wear pants it’ll be back to hot dry and sunny, no doubt–c’est la vie.


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I know it’s not May

And so I’m way off in terms of when the actual holiday is, but for some strange reason I feel like re-posting this from two and a half years ago:

The Great and Powerful Prophet Mohammed from the Loving and Caring Religion of Brotherly Love needs some downtime with the tux and martini after directing his followers to kill Kill KILL!

I wonder how many embassies the media will blame me for being stormed.

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To all you drivers of small, fuel efficient cars

Do you realize exactly how much of an idiot you look when you follow me so close I can’t even see you in the mirrors of my big evil pickup truck? I bet your car will get even better gas mileage when your radiator has a big hole punched in it from my trailer hitch and you’re stranded on the side of the road with a angry yet befuddled look on your face.  Meanwhile I won’t even notice that you’ve rear ended me and keep on my merry way.

Cheerfully yours, and please die screaming in a fire (without involving me or my insurance),



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Trying to decide if I want to branch out on some of the things that I’ve had for a while but need new of, in this case undershirts. “Great,” says I, “I’m an Amazon prime member now, so lets look around!”

Half an hour later I can’t tell if, say, this one as an example, is too long, too short, too heavyweight, too lightweight, too shrinkable, too long, flat collar, rolling collar, and etc, and etc.

I thought Amazon prime was supposed to make me never want to go to Wally World again? Right now it’s having the opposite effect…

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My computer whine for the day

ArcGIS was designed by a team of drunk monkeys, paid with shiny red beads, and allowed 15 years to mess around with DOS prompts before the company declared it ready for sale. Every time you create a new anything it makes a set of about 7 files that it puts in seemingly random locations. Don’t expect to be able to copy and paste said files around to organize anything–if you do that their references will break and nothing will load any more. Don’t expect to be able to use ArcCatalog to move them around either–even though moving files around is what it is made for, half the time it just seems to create an empty folder. If you expect to be able to actually ever organize your files, say, after completion of a major project, I recommend drinking a good fifth of gin and jumping off the nearest bridge–it will be less painful, and, interestingly enough, your computer will actually remain more organized.

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Are you sure?


The cafeteria must not have served the recommended amount of beans that day…


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Obviously, Mayor Bloomberg did not think things through before he suggested this preposterous course of action. If the nation’s police were to walk off the job today, by tomorrow, American citizens would be flocking to gun stores to purchase firearms for personal protection. All his stupid statement will do is increase gun sales.

Maybe Bloomberg wants to replace Barack Obama as the unofficial gun salesman of the year

Alan Gottlieb from the latest press release.

A little while back I read a news story that said that Bloomberg was being considered as Mittens’ running mate. I wonder if they realize just how horrible that would be?


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You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike

I wonder where my Christmas present front sight is after not hearing from Bushmaster for three months.

I email them to ask.

I not hear from them for nother month, until, I email again.

They say, “This item still shows as back ordered from the vendor.You may want to try them direct to see if this is still being made. The company is Yankee Hill Machine.”

I  go bug YHM.

YHM (within 5 minutes from my query, huzzah) say “We no longer produce it for Bushmaster and have not for over a year. You will need to contact Bushmaster directly as last I knew they were going to produce it



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Organic Farming

We run an organic farm, here. What? Why are you looking at me funny? 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and DL-Phosphinothricin are both organic compounds! It’s not my fault that hippies have no idea that the words they’re using don’t mean what they think they mean!

(File photo from last year)


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Things I’ve started to not care about

I’m not sure about anyone else, but there are quite a few things out there nowadays that seem like used to be big deals but no longer are worth my time to worry about. For example, a year ago I used to be very interested firearm industry news, and all the “cool new guns” that were coming out. A few too many “COOLEST POLYMER PISTOL EVAR” posts, and now when I see a blogger talking about say, the M&P line (to pick one that has been hit VERY strongly in the gunblogoshpere lately), more often than not it’s “Mark as read.” There’s only so many times I can read about modular backstraps before it becomes uninteresting. A while back Tam talked about “generic GUN“; I’ve hit that plateau. For plastic fantastics, I like my XD, it’s a nice little pistol, has yet to fail to go bang when I pull the trigger, but I’d be just as happy with the aforementioned M&P, or a Glock. I don’t care about the brand any more. Oh, and the same thing goes for AR’s, hunting rifles, and most shotguns (though I have to admit that the KSG still has some novelty power on me), not to mention that classic argument, caliber wars.

Next thing I have realized it doesn’t matter if I hold an opinion or not is, of course, ELECTION 2012!!!!. While there are still maybe a few factors that could revive my interest (VP’s), I really just don’t care if Mitt Romney bullied his dog and strapped a gay guy to the roof of his family station wagon. I don’t care about the latest group Oby is pandering to while actively throwing under the bus.

Along with that, another thing I don’t care about is ANYTHING IN THE NEWS EVER. From the latest stupid scheme that would never work Denver has for stealing our water, to the high school girl’s softball scores, to Yet Another Global Warming Will Kill Us All editorial, none of it is interesting, none of it is realistic, and all of it is pointless. The news media has completely let their credibility go down the drain, with the result that even with an article that might be mildly interesting, any person with half a brain (admittedly, that number is probably smaller than you’d think) actively scoffs at the errors and fear mongering.

Another thing that has been causing me to click the “Mark as read” button anymore is pretty much anything that has to do with gun control, including good people fighting for our rights. I’m glad that there are people out there doing it, but when it comes right down to it, I really believe that the culture has turned the corner when it comes to guns. When there are multiple shows on mainstream cable tv with people making, shooting, and competing with guns, when the only sector of the economy booming (no pun intended) is gun-related companies, when concealed weapons permits are flying through the roof, there is not a blessed thing that anti-rights cultists can do to stop it. Good luck getting any compliance at all with a gun registry! Good luck trying to start some sort of widespread ban! Good luck doing anything besides looking like sad pandas!  It is to the point now where the only people who are paying attention to them is, well, us, gun nuts making fun of them.

So there you go.  Maybe I’d get more out of life if I cared more about these things, but I’m pretty well convinced that I’m better off ignoring them and going out to weed the garden.

Anything out there that you’ve stopped caring about?


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Gay Marriage? Yep, this about sums it up.

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The things you didn’t know

Not only does NASA have a pet rubber chicken, but they got a british lady to knit a spacesuit for it.

And I’m not sure whether I like that or not. On the one hand, I like rubber chickens and hand knit clothing, but on the other I really don’t know if this is… strictly an appropriate use of my tax money.


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