Helping Hippies and Hurting Hunters

So Hickenlooper has launched a new “Re-branding Colorado” campaign, where you can tweet or share pictures about what makes Colorado special to you. I’m trying to think of some good slogans that are spam-worthy. My mom suggested “Rock Mountain High” which is pretty good, but maybe a little too insider baseball. “Stoned, Disarmed, and Happy”? “Highest College Graduate Population in the Country, but least amount of Higher Education Funding”? (not making that up, btw) “Colorado: Let the Cleansing Begin”? “2014, Bitchez! Bring it!”?

Wait, I think I’m maybe getting off track. In any case, it’s just shiny frills to keep the clueless proles happy.

Got any suggestions?

Oh yeah, and “F*ck Denver!”


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4 responses to “Helping Hippies and Hurting Hunters

  1. Volfram

    My favorite things about Colorado WERE the mountains, blue sky, and 30-round magazines.

    I have a feeling my favorite thing about Colorado is about to become the underground firearm black markets.

    • My favorite thing about Colorado is the anticipation I have for seeing the dumb looks on the Democrats’ faces in 2014.

      F*ck Denver!

      • Volfram

        According to the National Safety Council, the lifetime odds for someone in the U.S. dying in a fire are 1:1177. Maybe if you wish hard enough. With a lighter.

        Fire does fix everything 😀

  2. kx59

    Hmmmm , new slogan, “papiere biite”?