Dear Governor Hickenlooper


Fuck off. Seriously. Look, I like you as a governor. You seem to be doing a pretty good job at trying to fix this state’s totally messed up economy, and I really appreciated how you were avoiding things like that. I was even willing to overlook how you were a member of Guns Against Illegal Mayors Mayors Against Illegal Guns when you were mayor of Denver. But how now, instead of alienating every person in the state who doesn’t live in the middle of Denver by flat out saying “gun control, Gun Control, GUN CONTROL!!!”, you say something like “I think we should work on preventing prohibited persons from having access to firearms” and at least pretend you’re doing this for s good reason and not simply because you now have a democratic majority in congress. Mmmkay?


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2 responses to “Dear Governor Hickenlooper

  1. kx59

    Last report I read indicated the shooter in Connecticut was 20 years old.
    It is illegal for a 20 year old to purchase or own a handgun in Connecticut.
    Words on paper have never kept guns out of the hands of criminals or the mentally deranged.