Don’t start none won’t be none


Well… they asked.


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4 responses to “Don’t start none won’t be none

  1. “Hey boss… it looks like one of our customers hates us for installing a browser toolbar.”

    Note to self: will never use AVG.

    Avast is starting to get intrusive, too. I may need to find a new antivirus soon.(NO I DON’T WANT YOU TO CLEAN MY COMPUTER I HAVE ANOTHER PROGRAM TO DO THAT FOR ME! STOP TRYING TO ADVERTISE IT!)

    • I don’t even use AVG.

      My brother, who is a computery guy, being a programmer and all, doesn’t even have an antivirus program anymore, just runs MalwareBite every so often. And really, I have so many protections loaded into my firefox he’s probably right.

      • Yeah, it’s been a while since Avast caught something that wasn’t a false alarm, and it also caused problems with my programming hobby and I suspect it’s the reason I can’t get Unity WebPlayer to work on my machine.

        Still, I’d prefer to have some antivirus to no antivirus. Just going to have to find something unobtrusive.