Ahem… [RANT!]

It has come to my attention that there are still people on the internet dredging up caliber wars, glock fanboism, and trash talking [brand name here], apparently out of some sort of perverse desire to prove themselves as the king of the the midget pile, or perhaps because they were dropped on their head as a child and now only feel human when they grow a really really cool pedo mustache. Maybe I’m being unfairly conclusion-jumpy, there, with that last one, but really. In a desire to promote world peace and harmony, I feel that I must spread this
Yes, that is exactly what you look like to, oh, say, ANYONE ELSE who isn’t so attached to their [brand name here] that they have a problem seeing past the screen of their [Apple product here].  Get over yourself.  Not only does no one care what you think, no one is going to take your advice, either.  Remember that Prof. Mondo’s Law (“If your life isn’t bigger than your politics, you’re doing one of them wrong”) doesn’t just apply to politics.  And in case you feel the need to get all uppity about me assuming someone cares what I think, let me just stop you right there.  I don’t expect anyone to read this and change their behavior, least of all the people who started me down the Path of Rant.

Sometimes a guy just has to spit into the wind to remind himself that there’s pretty much no point to talking like adults. U mad bro?


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2 responses to “Ahem… [RANT!]

  1. Butch Cassidy

    Now you have me curious what got you all fired up.

    • Oh you know, someone linked to someone and you stumble onto a blog you don’t go to that often but who are a pretty big name, and they’re trashing something or another and then you just get pissed that someone who is so well respected is behaving so juvenile. And yet another reason why I’ve not been reading the gun blogs much these days.