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Is there an elephant in the room?

Here it is, in all it’s FAIL-drenched glory:


An entire article on the loss of non-resident hunting permits declining without mentioning anywhere the recent push of the Colorado Denver state legislature making it so dangerous to bring any guns into the state that hunters nation-wide are boycotting us.

Money quote: “…lose that non-resident hunter–from old age, economic downturns, or whatever–and you lose a substantial bit of jingle.”

OR WHATEVER? Good lord.

I have no sympathy for the Department of Parks and Wildlife losing their entire budget because of this, if they aren’t going to go out of their way kicking and screaming about the idiocy out of Denver. If you are silent on this issue OR WHATEVER, you are no friend of me, resident sportsmen, or the out of state hunters you claim to love the money of.


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John “Let the Cleansing Begin” Morse has just been recalled. With more signatures on the petition than he had in his last election (the cynic in me says “why didn’t those folks VOTE?” but the rest of me says “WHO’S THE SAD CLOWN, NOW, WHOOOOO’S THE SAD CLOWN?”)

Fuck Denver!


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On the latest idocy out of Denver


…but that’s just me. I try to avoid that place like the plague.  I hope Mr. Perazzi takes them to court and cleans them out. Two or Three Billion isn’t too much to ask–make sure that they have to keep paying you in installments (with interest!) for the next 50 years.

Fuck Denver.

Added: Apparently this story was a hoax? Or maybe not? Or maybe just a big clusterfuck of conflicting reports, denials of denials, ad absurdum? In any case, I still wouldn’t mind it if anyone of the last name “Perazzi” sued the City of Denver for $3,000,000,000.00.


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Here’s a crazy idea…


DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. You’re supposed to be the fourth estate of government, for crying out loud–get the bottom of it and start calling for their heads! Whining is not attractive in grown men or news organizations!

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Well, ok, not quite 90%. 87.1% of Colorado Sheriffs think that the Denver Democrats are insane fascists. Michael Bane brings the news.


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Why do I consider myself an Independent? Because every political party out there wants to be a tin pot dictator, they just want to ignore different parts of the constitution.


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I got a letter from Mark Udall (Dumbass, Colorado)

Dear Fellow Coloradan,

The horror of the Newtown shooting, arriving on the heels of the mass shootings in Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech and Tucson, has appropriately reignited a national debate over gun violence.  Sadly, this week even a bipartisan compromise to expand background checks to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, drafted by two conservative U.S. senators — Republican Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia — failed to pass the U.S. Senate, despite being supported by 90 percent of Americans and over 70 percent of NRA members. [citation needed]

Last week I met with the mothers and fathers of the children who were murdered in Newtown [IS FOR THE CHILDRENS!!!]; although they told me about how thankful they were to the families and community of Aurora for their support, I know they are uniquely disappointed in the Senate’s failure to pass meaningful gun-safety measures.  This gulf between public support and congressional inaction cannot continue.

As with many issues, Colorado serves as a roadmap for the steps we must take: Our state closed the gun show loophole through a ballot initiative in 2000 and in March this year, Gov. John Hickenlooper [The future one term governor of Denver Colorado {they’re different? who knew!}] signed into law several bills that require universal background checks for all gun purchases and limit high-capacity magazines.  These actions mirror my votes in the U.S. Senate this week in favor of background checks, supporting a ban on high-capacity magazines, cracking down on illegal gun sales and trafficking, and improving mental health services. [And now the Denver Democrats are out there leading the charge off the cliff all alone]

The U.S. Senate also considered an assault weapons ban.  And while I’ve previously called for an effectively crafted ban on military-style weapons, the specific ban we considered went much further than the 1994 assault weapons law and also would have banned legitimate hunting rifles and even some shotguns.  I spoke to sportsmen from across Colorado and they voiced their concerns about how this ban would restrict their ability to hunt and responsibly practice their sport, which is an important part of our economy and way of life.  I know some Coloradans may say that banning some legitimate hunting weapons is a small price to pay to keep other, more dangerous weapons off of our streets — especially for a state that has suffered mass gun tragedies.  I can relate to that sentiment, but after years of seeking to find common ground on gun-safety issues, I also know that overreach can spur the backlash that we’ve seen undermine even the most common-sense solutions – like universal background checks. [sign of intelligent life?]

But an assault weapons ban alone should not serve as a litmus test for people who want to reduce gun violence.  Even if a perfectly drafted assault weapons ban were signed into law, we would still be left with easy access to millions of military-style weapons on our streets today – which is why it is so important to also ensure that a background check is conducted on every gun sale. [Good luck getting gang bangers to go along with that]

There are no easy answers, but we should all agree — and a large majority of NRA members do [citation needed] — that we must keep firearms of any kind out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill by requiring universal background checks.  But loopholes — which the Manchin-Toomey proposal sought to correct — continue to prevent many of these background checks from occurring today.  Disturbed individuals should not get a chance to fire even one round into their communities, let alone the 30 rounds a high-capacity magazine would allow.  Together, background checks and a ban on high-capacity magazines achieve much of what an assault weapons ban seeks to — preventing the wrong people from having access to weapons [like pressure cookers] that can inflict mass casualties in a matter of moments.

Coming from a state with a long and storied tradition of gun ownership that has also suffered through too many gun tragedies, I know we must simultaneously renew our commitment to keeping our children safe while safeguarding our Second Amendment rights.  My friend Gabby Giffords [yeah, I know a guy who knows a guy with brown skin], a survivor of the senseless violence in Tucson, knows too well how important this debate is and her strength has only affirmed my conviction that the status quo must change.  I will keep fighting for Colorado’s [I think you meant to say “Denver” there] families and values.  Our nation deserves nothing less.

Warm regards,

Mark Udall


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Helping Hippies and Hurting Hunters

So Hickenlooper has launched a new “Re-branding Colorado” campaign, where you can tweet or share pictures about what makes Colorado special to you. I’m trying to think of some good slogans that are spam-worthy. My mom suggested “Rock Mountain High” which is pretty good, but maybe a little too insider baseball. “Stoned, Disarmed, and Happy”? “Highest College Graduate Population in the Country, but least amount of Higher Education Funding”? (not making that up, btw) “Colorado: Let the Cleansing Begin”? “2014, Bitchez! Bring it!”?

Wait, I think I’m maybe getting off track. In any case, it’s just shiny frills to keep the clueless proles happy.

Got any suggestions?

Oh yeah, and “F*ck Denver!”


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Sow the wind

Reap the whirlwind.


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Democrats R Dumb


“Majority of people.” This lady apparently never checks her email, voicemail, snail mail, listens to the news, or to the cars honking outside the capitol building or anything but the tiny voices inside her head that whisper “Breath in. Blabber out. Breath in. Blabber out.”

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Quote of the whole damn week. Since October, probably

The Democrats have just handed me a sledgehammer and I get to walk through their china shop in the 2014 election

Dudley Brown, director of the RMGO (see upper left sidebar for link)

That article lays out some serious stupidity on the part of the Democrats. John “Let the Cleansing Begin” Morse now says that he doesn’t really think these laws will do anything. And here’s John “Look At Me, I’m A Moderate, No Really” Hickenlooper saying that he didn’t mean it when he made a bunch of laws that turn ME into a felon for letting my range buddy load a magazine for me without us PAYING and WAITING for a background check EVERY TIME we pass it back and forth to each other. Does he really think that me telling a zealous, irritable, and half-clueless police officer “No, that’s not what they meant when they wrote it that way!” will get him to stop trying to arrest me? REALLY?

I was really looking forward to seeing the dumb looks on their faces when they were pitched out of the capital building come November 2014; it’s a little bit gratifying to see said looks so much sooner than that.

And for all the cluelessness around the national Republican Party, it is very good to see that it seems the locals have their heads on straight–rather than getting discouraged, they’re getting pissed off.  And it’s time to start lighting some torches, as they say.

A big tip o’ the hat to Billll and Michael Bane, for the nice articles.


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Boy, and now I’m angry

Publicola has a rundown on all the wiffle-waffling from our Governor, outside influences on our state, and how Biden is now moving his clownish yet somehow effective gaze onward to other states. This is not over here, and it’s not over wherever you live, either. And as I have said before, I look forward to seeing the recalls and lawsuits.

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Camouflage: Phase One


An eclectic mix, only to get weirder when the next shipment comes in. Oooh, and there’s a whole ‘nother side! What kind of mischief could happen over there?


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I look forward to seeing the moronic, pitiful looks on your faces when you are unceremoniously dumped on your asses outside the capitol building. It’s on, bitches. And DO NOT say that WE, being THE VAST MAJORITY of the people inundating your mailboxes, did not give you fair warning.

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