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Avast! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arrr, in case ye scurvy sea dogs cannot figure it out, I be repostin’ this instructional video:

To all ye sea dogs and scurvy wenches out there on the seven seas of the internet, I be expectin’ compliance! There be no slackers on this here weblog!


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Happy National Ice Cream Day!

As designated by Ronald Reagan in 1984.

I’m going to celebrate with a root beer float made with root beer from one of the local microbreweries.

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Quotes of the Yesterday

Kevin Baker (may his everlasting pessimism wake us from our complacency!):

That preparation started in the early years of the 20th Century. Thus today we have “politically correct” speech. With destruction of language skills comes the destruction of logic skills – if you can’t read, you can’t integrate ideas new to you. In fact, new ideas are gibberish – words that have no meaning. “Politically free” is a null value to someone planted in the fields of politicism. It’s a weed.

A free society requires an informed and virtuous citizenry.

“Free,” “informed” and “virtuous” have become null terms.

The Adaptive Curmudgeon (may his description of Americans grow to describe us all!):

And that’s how it all started. A bunch of people who wanted to be left alone and got massively pissed off when taxed. Americans still want to be left alone and we still get massively pissed at taxes. We don’t like taking shit and we’ve got balls of steel. That’s all there is to it. We’re free because we’re free on the inside. America is not a location and it is not a government.

Go out there and be free! Light fireworks with a beer in your hand. Eat huge steaks. Make bad jokes. Smoke, drink, and swear. Drive big cars. Fire guns. Make noise. Laugh in the sun. Be as playful and foolish as you wish.

Butch Cassidy
(may the internet never cease to provide strange music to him!):

Today, as any other day, I will strap my G23 on my hip, slip my LCP into my pocket, toss a couple knives into various pockets, one of those knives will be a locking folder, take my kids to a parade, go to a cookout at my aunt’s house where things will be blown up and cows will be eaten, we will then head to a friend’s parents’ house for more of the same plus a beer, we will then go with them to watch the fireworks, the friend and I will touch off our own fireworks until the show begins.

And The Czar of Muscovy (may he rule long and powerfully!):

Happy 235th. We need a happier 236th, and it will be your job to get us there. And there may be some heavy lifting involved—that’s okay, because as an American, nobody lifts heavier loads than you do.

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A simple declaration

Really, there wasn’t much too it. Only one page of paper. But it was the foundation, the reason for everything that has come since. When was the last time you read the Declaration of Independence? Please, enjoy the holiday, but even more, please remember.

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Everyone’s probably going to remember this song today

But it’s too good not to re-post for the 4th of July.

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Happy Manufactured Holliday!

Ahem. I was going to post something about how I don’t like Father’s Day, and then I thought that I would take the moral high ground and just say something nice, and then I decided that I really don’t care, and so I’m going to do a short rant. You’ve been warned.

I don’t like Father’s Day. Never have, not even when my dad was still alive. It just smacks too much of “liberal guilty conscience” for me. If you are going to appreciate your father, howabout you do it when you don’t have social pressures trying to make you buy a card?  Take him to a local brewpub, or send him some money for a new ratchet set, or something. 


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Flag Day

A repost of Independence Hall from my trip to Philadelphia last year:

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Memorial Day

I know it’s the 30th and not the 28th, but the picture shows what I wanted.  Remember them all, from the Civil War to now.

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What he said.

Exactly what I was thinking.

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And since it’s mother’s day

I should put up this video:



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Mothers Day

I did go and buy a bottle of good amaretto for her. It may be another Hallmark holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an excuse for a nice bottle of booze…

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May 5th

Happy Mexican Irish Day!

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Easter a holiday that occurs on the first Sunday after the full moon following the northern hemisphere’s vernal equinox, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. FYI.


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Maundy Thursday and Good Friday

A repost of a song from last year, but now there’s a video up on Youtube that has the music, which wasn’t around last year (it’s a choir from the Phillipines, I think, but it’s still the same song).

When you prayed beneath the trees,
It was for me, O Lord;
When you cried upon your knees,
How could it be, O Lord?
When in blood and sweat and tears,
You dismissed your final fears,
When you faced the soldiers’ spears,
You stood for me, O Lord.

When their triumph looked complete,
It was for me, O Lord;
When it seemed like your defeat,
They could not see, O Lord!
When you faced the mob alone,
You were silent as a stone,
And a tree became your throne;
You came for me, O Lord.

When you stumbled up the road,
You walked for me, O Lord;
When you took your deadly load,
That heavy tree, O Lord;
When they lifted you on high,
And they nailed you up to die,
And when darkness filled the sky,
It was for me, O Lord.

-Christopher Idle


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