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Oh, yeah…

I put up a couple more header images last night–click on the refresh button over and over to collect them all!

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A few blogroll changes, here:

DirtCrashr has switched from Blogspot to WordPress–he is now Not Clauswitz at

Sean Sorrentino has also dumped blogger and is now at (though his feed is still the same so you don’t really have to do anything if you read him via RSS).

Go forth and read!

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Slow week

Last week was a near record, I think, what with linkery from many many many places.

This week, not so much.  Mostly tumbleweeds blowing through.

Funny how that works–I do nothing different from day to day from my perspective…

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Good grief!

Speaking of patting myself on the back, in the past couple days I’ve gotten linked by Tam, Roberta X, Sean Sorrentino, and Borepatch! Craziness!

I can’t decide if I should step up my game to capitalize on the opportunity or slack off so everyone goes away… meh, linker people hardly ever look at more than the one linked post; probably no change, then.

Very well. Carry on.


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Well, what I wanted to happen didn’t so here’s some nice Muzak for you. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get it sorted out for your morning music.

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Linky Linky

Sorry I haven’t been really putting up a lot of good quality content. Then again, I rarely have, but what with my brother being home for the week and still going out to the dam every day to do more measurements and surveys, the most I can seem to find time to do is my daily song and a few pictures (Which WordPress makes really easy to do if you have a smartphone, by the way). So today I’m going to give you a few links to click through.

First off, Butch Cassidy talks about giving up the gunny characteristic of “Buy every shiny toy you can fit in a safe, and then a couple more” and going to a “I will infect people who don’t have guns by giving them a nice starter rifle/shotgun/pistol, with a small supply of ammo and a good supply of information” system. He says “I want more people to be armed, I want more people to learn to shoot, I want more people to carry, I want more people to own decent holsters…” He is looking for suggestions and resources that he can give new shooters, so go over there and help him out.

Second, The Firearm Blog has a piece up about how a electronically-controlled grenade launcher system for the South Korean Military was kaboomed because of EM interference. Another check mark for the box of “NO ELECTRONICS IN MY GUNS, PLEASE,” to go along with all the others. As my uncle the mechanic is fond of saying for cars, “if it doesn’t have it, it can’t break.” The inside of a gun has enough levers and springs to go wrong as it is, and adding another layer of things to go wrong by way of a bunch of error-prone circuits just seems like a bad idea.

And last, in case you haven’t heard, Daddy Bear has moved from blogger to a WordPress site, Adjust your links accordingly.

Well, that’s it for now, back to work!

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Blogroll Link Fixes!

Or rather, you should fix your links, because I already did mine, for the most part, days ago, but am just now getting around to telling you to do it too. Ya follow?

Ok, so here are three blogs whose domains have been changed recently:

Serious Gun, changed from Serious Gun Blog and Serious Gun Podcast due to some technical difficulties a few weeks back. Good (And short) daily podcasts and thoughts on guns and politics.

Scary Yankee Chick switched to a wordpress site from blogger. Dogs, links, and rants. Sounds kinda like this place…

And MacBourne just moved yesterday to a new wordpress site. Seems to be some sort of trend…

So there, go forth and read!

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Dear Spammers &etc: A Small Rant

I have noticed a bit of discussion about this across the blogoshpere (and the podcastoshpere?) lately, but a couple of spam comments in this morning’s trap got me thinking about it, and now I’m thinking about it “out loud” for you. The spam comments were in the order of “If you are serious about making money with your blog then you should use our website blahblahblah,” and “I have noticed that the Google page ranking for this page is very low, and you NEED to use SEO correctly OR ELSE blahblahblah.”

Let me be very clear here.  I don’t care. I don’t care about search engine optimization.  I have categories or tags or whatever they’re called in WordPress for things, but more so I can easily find old posts if I want to go back and read them, not so searching Googleateers can be shunted in.  I don’t do this for money or products.  To date I have received absolutely NOTHING from anyone that wasn’t bought and paid for with real hard cash.  I have rejected offers for advertisements.  I don’t want any of that.  It isn’t my goal.  Let me repeat:  I don’t care.

I do this blogging for me.  Any reviews I post are as much so I can remember what I like and don’t like as they are so anyone interested can tell what I like and don’t like. You don’t like to read gun reviews on the internet? I don’t care.  You disagree with my review of a Heinlein book?  I don’t care. Don’t get me wrong, I love to get your comments and such, but if I had exactly zero page views a day, I would still be doing this. My profile over there says that I like “guns, gardening, and random youtube videos.”  That’s a little simplified, obviously, but if you don’t like to read about and listen to the sorts of random crap I’m interested, it’s not my problem.

Why is it that everyone assumes that everyone else is doing the blogging thing for the wheelbarrows of cash and product that are obviously being carted around?  Why can’t I just do it because I want to?  So screw you SEO and people who want me to write gunrag-style reviews to rub the back of a manufacturer so I can get free stuff.

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Can’t figure it out…

I had almost twice as many page views today as I did any day in the past week, and I can’t figure out why. Nothing is pointing towards being linked by anyone in particular, no post had any more clicks than usual… I didn’t suddenly reappear on the Gun Blog Blacklist (my new WordPress blog never got added to it…)

Weird. Maybe it was just Monday and people were desperate to escape from work…


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On Commenting

This is up there on one of the header pages, but I thought I would post it for really down here in case you missed it.

I have the commenting set up so that the first comment you post has to be approved, but after that you will be free to do your thing with no more strange rituals to decode any word verifications.

In general I should be able to get to approve them very quickly, but on occasion it may take a little while.

Also, the spam trap is set up to stop anyone who has more than 3 links in a comment–if you are legitimate and have more than that, I will hopefully catch it and approve it.

One last thing, those of you who don’t like the automatically generated avatar, you can go to and set it up so you have your own thing. Just FYI.


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So there.

CAPTCHA absolutely sucks.  I think I just turned off all word verification here.  Blogger is pissing me off more and more.  Can you think of any real compelling reason to stay here? 

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Worthy Alternative?

Well, I’ve been slowly messing around with WordPress for a while now, tweaking it to get it where I think it’s bearable.  WordPress does some neat things, better than Blogger, but then, it has some serious issues in other areas.  But the way that Google seems to be running ramshod over everything they are connected with, the time of change may come sooner rather than later.  This CAPTCHA thing is something that I have a severe hatred for, but that seems to be the only option on Blogger anymore.  That may be the straw…  but really it would be prudent to diversify my internet presence, rather than having everything on one password.

As of right now I AM NOT switching over, but I am curious to see what you other people think about it:

The comment moderation over there is set up (I think) so that your first comment has to be approved by me, but after that you are good to go.  You can leave a comment over there, or probably preferably for now over here.  In this case more so than others I would love to hear from you–anyone out there have a particular hatred for WordPress?  Do you just love the way the blogroll is organized on Blogger, but think it’s too much on the other one?  I want to know.

And, as Butch suggested to me, if you click to over there, and then click back to over here from there, maybe we can get a tear in the time-space continuum going and invent perpetual motion.  That would be cool too.


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Newest additions, in no particular order:

Mudbug at Zydeco Ranch, a fellow Coloradan, though further down and east than me.

BK at Cowgirl Photography, who, in my humble opinion, has a gift with taking and making some pretty nice pictures.

CoolChange at Tranquility Lost, with some rather entertaining jokes.

Quizikle, thoughts from a Yankee, who lived in the south, and now lives in the west.


Ed Hering at Atomic Fungus, coming from the great quagmire state that is Illinois; no wonder he’s still on livejournal…

All these folks have either commented, linked to me on a regular basis (or at least enough that I noticed), or put me on their blogrolls–as always, if you link to me one way or another, and I notice (not always an easy proposition) I’ll be happy to link back to you if you don’t look too crazy!


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A Meme in the air

I’m never very good at these things, but when such august company as Nancy R and North link to you, it’s probably best to at least attempt to play along.

So here goes nothing (probably literally)…

The Award:

The Rules:

1. Copy and paste the award on your blog
2. Link back to the blogger who gave us the award
3. Pick five favorite blogs with less than 200 followers, and leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have received the award
4. Hope that the five blogs chosen will keep spreading the love and pass it on to five more blogs

The Attempt at Compliance–trying to think up bloggers who haven’t already gotten it, who I like, and who I think would appreciate it:

1. Runt Compound–Butch has at least as freeky weird taste in music as me, but often in places I don’t often go, and comes toward tacticool from the wrong direction
2. Bells A Ringing–darts, bowling, shooting, beginner browncoats (it’s always nice to see someone new come in to Firefly just to have their hopes and dreams crushed by the stupidity that is FOX)

…uh, can I auction off the other three spaces? The only other blogs coming to mind I either doubt would appreciate it, or are bigger than the 200 follower cutoff. Here’s an idea, if you feel bad that no one has given you this Award, you can say that you’re 3, 4, or 5.

There, crises averted.


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