So, the past couple years I’ve been having to write a check to the .gov, and me and my boss have been trying to withhold just enough extra to get it down to a nice even $0 owed, fiddling with the extra withholdings. We whittled it down from me owing like, $1000 two years ago to only owing 300 last year. Then this year comes around and… they owe me about $1000. Sigh. I guess it’s better than the other way around, but our algorithm is definitely way off…



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4 responses to “Taxes

  1. We’ve got ours down so that as long as I keep working as many hours as I have been the .GOV sends us a check for just about $300. Which is perfect IMO. If however I don’t work for most of the year, we drop a bracket and suddenly we’re getting a good $1k back……

  2. Butch Cassidy

    I just take zero deductions and divvy the return between necessities and funstuff. THANKS FOR THE NEW GUN AND DILLON, OBAMA.