Have you ever been so mad you…




February 10, 2016 · 08:05

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  1. Mark Matis

    It was only about 4′ long, according to the journalist who did the story. Sure, that’s big enough to take a finger or two if you’re dumb enough to get that close to that end. But other than that, no big deal.

    I used to work out at KSC before I retired. The OMS/RCS system had some test cells out in a fairly remote area of the Center. A Rockwell engineer was running a test down there, out of the remote control facility, when he heard the door to the control room open, heard a little “thump, thump” and then some giggling, and then it got quiet. He continued on with the test, but then in a couple of minutes he heard “thump, thump, THUMP” and looked to his right where the noise was coming from. And saw an 8′ gator that the facility techs had grabbed from the drainage ditch outside the facility (where they used to toss him marshmallows) and dragged it into the control room. The engineer promptly hit the emergency safing switch and left the room. Went out and gave the techs hell. And they then went in, grabbed Mr. Gator, and took him back out to his drainage ditch.

    Then there are other stories, such as the one about the tourists who were driving along NASA Causeway on their way to the Visitors’ Center when they saw a gator that had crawled out of the canal along the causeway and was sunning himself. Tourists stopped and got out of their car. Mommy took her 8 year old son by the hand and walked him over to the gator, then stepped back to take a picture. The boy wanted to look good, so he set his Big Gulp drink cup down on the gator’s head. At which point the gator decided he’d had enough, and waddled back into the canal. THAT is what we get for having a Tourist Council which thinks it’s smart to advertise:

    Florida – the rules are different here!