Blogs aren’t dead

Got my wordpress “year in review” thing where they show you what your most popular posts are over the course of the past year. So, I find it telling about my current blogging situation that my most popular post in all of 2015 is this one. A post from February 2014. Whoop whoop. And for some reason my posting dropped off precipitously along about July. But I think it’s for a good cause. After all, the internet, as I said in that second post I linked, is full of crazy people who like to yell at each other, and I’m finding the charm of it has worn off. But don’t expect me to go away. Still got to have somewhere to show off the weirdest of the youtube videos I find.


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  1. I understand, if someone shows up to sell something, insult someone or start an argument, I’d rather they just not visit at all. I’ve lost patience for the those that require constant drama and validation. Like you, for me, the blog is just something to entertain me, like watching a movie or popping popcorn or writing notes in a journal. It’s not my life, nor my sole source of self esteem. May you continue to post and be that little voice of reason out there.