Took the day off

Had 13 cu yds of 3-15″ river rocks delivered yesterday so the guy with the skid steer came this morning to spread them out. One of the spruce trees we planted last year died over the summer, so while the skid steer was here to do the heavy work, we got a new tree delivered. At that point half the day was shot already and it’s supposed to snow tonight, so I decided to really play hooky and spend a few hours picking up hoses and generally straightening out things that don’t need to get snowed on. Now I’m kinda pooped, so I’m enjoying some apple pie moonshine and I think I’m gonna play some Fallout 4 since it came out today. So there.



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2 responses to “Took the day off

  1. Butch Cassidy

    I took the day off, too. Because ten minutes after getting to work, I got a call to scream home for a daughter bitten by a dog.