Tonight’s drink

Jameson’s and some very good local port. Yum yum. Just what my swollen tonsils need.


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4 responses to “Tonight’s drink

  1. Butch Cassidy

    Last night was a hot toddy of lemon,some lemon rind in the bottom of the glass, honey, a shot of Famous Grouse, and boiling water. Then another but with tea in place of water. Then straight to bed.

    • Of course, then I only slept for 3 hours, which was great.

      • Butch Cassidy

        Five here. Woke up with a scratchier throat and my wife handed me a morning toddy because fuck this noise.

        Now on to a lunchtime bowl of chili with extra hot sauce to clear out my nose.

    • Think I’m going to do my patented “chicken noodle, garlic powder, and enough hot sauce to make it run red” for lunch.