Nancy would be proud of me


Or, more likely, she’d be yelling at me for being so farby.



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4 responses to “Nancy would be proud of me

  1. Dude, are those Townsend buttons? Did you get into re-enacting?

    • They’re Burnley and Trowbridge buttons (and linen for that matter), and… sorta kinda not really? The GF is really in to Contra dance, and once a year they do an English Country Dance–period dress suggested. And I’ve always wanted a waistcoat and real cravat… and it’s absolutely impossible to find anything that fits me, so, had to go find a pattern, and while you’re at it, why don’t you make sure it’s REALLY period correct, because you’re going through the trouble anyway, so better make sure the buttons are covered with the same fabric the vest will be. And hey, none of the designs for off the shelf tailcoats are what you want, so shouldn’t you make sure that if it’s a blue coat it has brass buttons, because that’s what the fashion was in 1810? And what about those fall front trousers? Nah, they’re not a light enough color. Oooh, look, that website has top hats on sale! Where does one find period correct men’s dancing slippers?

  2. Lmao! I know exactly what you mean. Getting things period-correct is a rabbit-hole! Have fun spending ALL of your descretionary income!