Dear Clothes Makers (yes, all of you)

I don’t know who traumatized you as a small child that makes you all so delusional that you insist on believing that “tall” automatically means “fucking fat-ass” but I wish you would stop. Just once I’d like to see a “Medium Extra Tall” button-down shirt. I would buy the shit out of that. As it is if I ever want to get something with sleeves almost long enough, I have to get the XXXL body that three of me could fit in.

TL;DR: Clothes makers can all go die in a fire.

This profanity-laden post brought to you by me, bluesun, who has lived with the apparently unheard of condition known as “long arms” his whole life and has had it about up to here with all you short people.



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8 responses to “Dear Clothes Makers (yes, all of you)

  1. Hmm, Duluth Trading makes a “Large-Tall”. Not sure how the measurements stack up in comparison to what you what. But they do list the sleeve length in the size-measurements area.

  2. Ritchie

    I have pretty much given up shopping for outerwear in local stores. They don’t have my sizes-pants, for example: the numbers are backwards. What planet is this? I’m taking my chances with Algore’s big giant clothing emporium in the cloud.