Should probably do that more often

Cleaned out my email inbox. For the first time in 3 years I’m down to “0 unread messages.” Started at 160-some-odd. Also got the 620ish total messages down to 339. I found one in the deep dark bowels that was a comment notification from back when I was still on Blogger! That warrants an EEGADS, I believe.



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3 responses to “Should probably do that more often

  1. Mark Matis

    I have some e-mail messages going back to 1999. And still go back to them from time-to-time and use information from them. Generally part numbers. But still, useful information.

  2. I’ve had some accounts get to the point I just said “fukkit” and fragged the whole thing.

    • I don’t have that many accounts, this is my main gmail I’ve had since freshman year of college. Back when you still needed to be invited to be on gmail. Aaaand now I feel old.