A short movie review: Mad Max Fury Road

Holy moly it’s great. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout New Vegas lately and so am in a post-apocalyptic frame of mind, but really, what’s not to love? Take out the 50’s nostalgia and add in 70’s shock rock, and Fallout is Mad Max. It’s basically a non-stop chase scene, violence, explosions, machine guns, and more horribly deformed wacky zany characters than you can shake a stick at. And the vehicle designs! And the soundtrack!

Plot, there is not, but style in spades. The best movie I’ve seen since Pacific Rim, and I’ll give it 5 blood-and-gasoline-soaked skull-encrusted steering wheels out of 5.

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  1. kx59

    Excellent. Sound just like my cup of tea.