Gunny question

The past several times I’ve worn my X D, when I take it off at night the magazine has popped out of the well. Do you think this is because 1) the holster has worn out (a blackhawk–sorry, BLACKHAWK! leather jobby that seems to still be in good condition, but, needless to say, I haven’t carried it very much since this problem developed or 2) the spring to the magazine release has worn out (even though it seems to be in good condition too)? I love that little X D (first gun syndrome, probably) but this issue is concerning.

Really, the reason I ask is because I’m thinking of doing an order for a new holster and belt for the GP100, so if I was going to do that I might as well throw in another $100 for another holster, right?


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  1. Note: I have to type “XD” as X D because apparently wordpress wants to make XD look like some sort of awful emoticon, which, in light of my last post, is almost enough to make want to give up this whole “the future is NOW” thing altogether and just move to northern Canada where there’s no power grid.

  2. Hey, and just so we’re clear, here, the magazine is still in the gun, but not latched in.

  3. Butch Cassidy

    Hang on while I dig up pics of your cheapie Aker knockoff…

  4. Butch Cassidy

    I remain an idiot and meant to type Askins.

    Anyway, the leather appears not to touch your mag release. So I doubt it is the holster. Your annoying emoticon gun might have:

    A) Higher profile mag release than it needs.

    B) A weakened spring and I will laugh if a smug dude in sunglasses appears as this bullet.

    C) You have been engaging in some activity lately that pops your mag release.

    A new holster might better avoid that through spacing and whatever. But the most fun option is to file thw mag release button down a little to avoid the problem. The gunniest answer is to get a Walther with paddle release :v