My head is on fire

I made the unfortunately bad decision to not bring my wide brimmed Tilley hat with me to the snowfields today, and then forgot to put sunscreen on my face. So I guess I’m at about 50/50 when it comes to good judgment calls since I did bring my snowshoes and gaiters (instead of a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops as mentioned yesterday), which were definitely needed, despite it being 55 degrees and 9887 ft of elevation.



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5 responses to “My head is on fire

  1. But really, what is more St. Paddy’s than a fair-skinned red-bearded Irishman getting sunburnt?

  2. Ed Hering

    What? Bluesun’s got a red head?

  3. kx59

    ak, the part I really hate about reflected sunlight sunburn is the eyelids right under the eyebrows.
    I’ve not gotten that from snow before, but dorked a few times out on the water all day.