Going Full Nerd

After setting up a second monitor yesterday, I bought a mechanical keyboard last night. I’ve pretty much hated the stupid wireless keyboard I bought on sale when I built this computer, and I guess I just snapped.

Learn from my mistakes, kiddies, don’t buy a cheap wireless keyboard because you might wind up so frustrated with it that you go and spend 5 times more on something nicer, rather than just starting out with something only twice as expensive.



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7 responses to “Going Full Nerd

  1. kx59

    what did you do? wire up one of these?

  2. I’ve been typing on a laptop keyboard for so long(Every computer I’ve owned since 2008 until this one has been a laptop) that I’m stuck on the low movement of Chiclet-style keys. Mechanical keys just feel clunky.

    This means that looking into upgrading my new computer’s keyboard is challenging. The keyboard itself is Chiclet-style, but I’d kind of like to get a gaming keyboard. Well the only gaming keyboards I’ve seen with chiclet keys are Razer-brand, and I’m a bit less than impressed with them lately, so I go over to see what Logitech has to offer, and… mechanical only.

    So I’ll just stick with what I’ve got. I guess that’s one way to save money.

    • I really like my keyboard at work, an ancient gateway 2000 programmable something or other that is a knock off quasi-imitation programmable keyboard, so I don’t think it should be you much of a stretch for me. The one I bought is a CODE clear switch, which seems to be heavy for having and light for typing, so i figured it would be a good compromise for what i actually do.

      But a cheap 10 dollar one probably would have worked fine, i just have always had this bug in my ear about then and finally decided to act on it.