This is so damn impressive

SpaceX is so very close to landing one of their first stage rockets!



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6 responses to “This is so damn impressive

  1. I hate Vines and try to never watch them.

    Mostly because their YouTube thumbnails are ALWAYS slutty clickbait. I’m not rewarding that.

    • Well, sucks to be you, you’re missing out on footage from the landing barge as the lower stage came in to land.

      • Mark Matis

        Except that “landing” had no potential to be anything other than the massive crash that resulted. To “land” on that barge, they will need to almost kill vertical and lateral motion. The video shows they are a LONG way from doing so.

        • For fuck’s sake am I the only person here who is impressed that they even got this close?

          • Mark Matis

            Merely trying to help you understand how FAR they are from a successful “landing”. Their problem may only be something minor and easily fixed. But the contact with that barge has to be WAY less than the loads generated by that impact. And if they are NOT able to successfully land, their entire premise of reusability for that rocket falls apart. Liquid rocket engines do not take kindly to being dunked in salt water and then reused. Especially anywhere near THAT thrust level.

          • Yes, yes. The steering fins ran out of hydraulic fluid (as I understand it, a minute or so out from landing) and it got that close just on the vectored engine thrust, which I find impressive. And keep in mind that even if they already have had a soft landing in the water, so we know it’s possible. And keep in mind that even if landing and reusing never happens they’re still the cheapest on the market, so I don’t think that their entire premise falls apart.