I’ve just discovered this guy on Youtube, and I absolutely love him. While I don’t exactly share his views on winter, lets just say that I can certainly sympathize:

Yesterday out at my dam I had to chip out the outlet control stem to measure the water level. In the course of this, I did a total Looney Tunes moment on the ice, where your legs go spinning in a blur before your feet flip out from under you, and landed squarely on the measuring tape I had on my hip. Then, not 5 minutes later going down the other side a rock hidden under the snow went out from under me and I landed squarely on the measuring tape in the exact same place on my hip again. Bearing in mind that I’ve now been going out to this dam at least once a week since last September (averaging I think something like 2.5 times a week though), and I’ve had this exact same measuring tape on the exact same spot on my hip for nearly all of those other days, and never landed on my hip once, let alone twice in a day, I’m inclined to scream “WHYYYYYY?” to the heavens.



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3 responses to “Winter

  1. Butch Cassidy

    Microspikes. Or Yaktrax.

  2. kx59

    do you now have a square purple and green bruise on your hip?
    I landed on a can of copenhagen in my pocket while skiing some years ago.
    Mine was round and about 1/4″ larger diameter than the can.
    oh, and the answer to the question, “Why?” is because.