Walked through the old house yesterday, and took the key off my keychain… today is supposed to be closing, names on the lines, and check exchanged. Another chapter closed. We moved in there the summer before I started kindergarten, and my mother always said that she would die in that house… instead it was my dad, and for many reasons I won’t go into here we just needed a change. I think my dad would really like the new place, being he was an Ohio farmboy and we’re now even further out into the edges of town, with even better views of the mountains, but there’s less to take care of (or there will be once we get everything in order–this past year we did a pretty amazing amount of fixer-uppering but it’s not all there yet) and I know he’d love the new shop. Everything always changes, and though the terms on the contract aren’t even close to what we were hoping for when we started this whole thing October 2013 or so, it’ll be over and there won’t be any mortgage.

And we won’t have to take care of two houses anymore!

So raise a glass in memory of the old house, and for the people who are moving into it to fulfill all their hopes and dreams!


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