A short movie review: Interstellar

It was… interesting. And really really long. But better than that pile of pretensions that is 2001 Space Odyssey if the whole “next jump in human evolution” schtick is your thing. Could have been a pretty sucky movie, but Matthew McConaughey is so good you could just watch him eat soup for a couple hours and go “yeah, that was pretty good.” Nice near future technology, I actually really liked the robots (a strange and original design that had lots of fun ways the director could mess with them, and well, I guess they had to fit a monolith in somewhere). And a soundtrack that was basically Inception but take out the tuba and add in a massive pipe organ.

It really could have been pared down though, about an hour and a half into it I started going “good grief this is dragging on.” And, you know what? Spoiler alert, but I think it would have been better if he had died at the end.

I heard one review say that he wasn’t that happy that they had to mix in “magic” to the hard sci-fi, but that if you had to do it this was the best way you could, and I would agree with that. But hey, I didn’t have to buy my tickets (traded some vanilla beans, actually, to my buddy for his hard cider).

TLDR, I give it 2.5 black holes out of 5. Very beautiful and great acting, but not really my thing.


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  1. …now who can I go see Interstellar with? Because it sounds like totally my thing.