the. effing. future.

I just ordered a new pair of spectacles from the internet. Plug in the prescription and go. And now, comes the improtant part. I spent 50 bucks (including shipping and a sunglass clippy bit). In the past I’d have to spend 4 hours at the shop with their limited selection and wind up spending $300.

And here’s the best part–the pair of $50 glasses I’ve been wearing for the past two years have held up much better than the junk I was spending 300 bucks on before I came to this revelation. No more having to go in the get the lenses replaced every 6 months because the high index layers were flaking off.

I don’t have a flying car, but I can order pizza and glasses off the internet. The future is still alright.



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4 responses to “the. effing. future.

  1. Butch Cassidy

    Huh. Guess I know how I’m getting my next pair of backup glasses.

  2. breadandbullets

    Yeah my last 2 glasses were internet buys and both have lasted longer with no scratches, than the $400 one from the doc office. And I spent about $60 . I used zanni optical and re-lens. Both were perfect.

  3. kx59

    what, no linky?
    you think you got it bad? my bifocals run me eight / nine hundred dollars.