The Bell Tolls!

It’s 2014, and the Ferryman is coming!

“Let the cleansing begin”

-John Morse (D)



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7 responses to “The Bell Tolls!

  1. Republican majority in 2014, Gardener beats Udall, and while our Governor hasn’t been picked yet, at time of posting Beauprez is leading Hickenlooper by 1%… and growing.

    • Yeah, just got off the phone with my friend the history major, political junkie and flunky, who was pretty excited. It’s not like I didn’t warn those dumb D’s with multiple letters two years ago… Maybe they’ll have wished they would’ve listened to me, now.

      • The real challenge will be holding onto it.
        Democrats do a good enough job campaigning for Republicans while in office. It’s easy to screw your voting base when you honestly believe that people who work for a living deserve to give up their paychecks to people who vote for a living, and that’s bad for keeping votes.
        Democrats do an even better job at smearing Republicans when they’re not in office, and there’s a massive split between what the Republican base claims to support and what the Republican leadership has been doing. Hopefully some of our new House and Senate seats will bear a stronger resemblance to Rand Paul than John McCain.
        The more Conservatives we can elect in the Republican seats, the longer the Republican majority will last.

    • Oh yeah, neither me or him think there’s much hope to keep it in 2016, but he going to enjoy it while he has it.

      I read an article the other day about how the R party is taking these elections to mean that they are being validated, and it made me facepalm the mother of all facepalms, because they really just don’t get it. No one loves them, bit tight now everyone hates the D’s! It’s not that hard to see, is it?

      • At the State Convention a few months ago I actually had a pretty serious argument with another Delegate who insisted that the Republican party needed to move Left to pick up more center votes, and that it was worth it to alienate the base.

        Running on this strategy has cost the Republican party every race in which it’s been used, which is why the Democrats keep wanting to push it. Then they single out the Republican politicians who act the most like Democrats, and use them to show just how bad the Republican supposedly are.

        No, please. Run all the attack ads you want against McCain and Boehner. Conservatives would love to see them unseated.(Preferably in favor of Conservatives, but so long as we maintain a majority it wouldn’t hurt.)

        • Well, sure, why not alienate 40 percent of the country’s population in favor of maybe, what, 20?

          • You know that, and I know that, but it’s rather shocking just how many people don’t.

            That, and no Republican will ever pick up Democrat votes by shifting to the Left. Democrats have those votes in the bag. Republicans should go for what’s not a foregone conclusion.