Civic. Effing. Duty.

Well, in a probably vain attempt to spite the onslaught of Republican lobbyists and pollsters from the nonstop hounding (seriously, I got an flyer yesterday saying “Public records indicate that you have received your ballot and HAVEN’T VOTED yet, what are you WAITING FOR?” Well, thanks, fucktard, I just got it in the mail two days ago and haven’t had FUCKING TIME TO SIT DOWN AND FILL IT OUT YET!) (Sorry, but the aforementioned nonstop hounding has reduced the time-lag censor between my brain and keyboard), I just filled a pintglass with 2/3 gin and 1/3 cranberry juice, blasted Yello in the speakers, and sat down with a black ink pen to kick this pig. As a fuck you to Democrats I didn’t even think about voting for those miserable specimens of humanity of Hickenlooper and Udal, or indeed the 3rd party possibilities, and as a fuck you to the Republicans I voted independent/libertarian/whatever the hell weird alternative I had anywhere else, and a straight NO for all the judges, because fuck you, too. Gads, now I’m on my second drink (Wild Turkey, thanks) and the envelope is nicely sealed and awaiting a stamp in the morn.



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5 responses to “Civic. Effing. Duty.

  1. Emily Summer

    All you managed to do was split the vote. If the Libtards retain the senate we are truly done for as a country. Nice going.

    • WHAAHAAHAAHAAHHAAAAAAA!!!! Fuck you too!


      I had choices between Republican and Independent. AS I FUCKING EXPLAINED, the “important” (so called) races, governor and federal, I held my nose and voted R. For everything else, No. Just no. And Fuck you again.

  2. Butch Cassidy

    I take a hip flask to the polls on general principle. Usually Maker’s is Wild Turkey 101. And promptly try to use it to dull the pain once home but it can never wash it all away 😦

  3. kx59

    I’ll be early voting here in a day or two.
    I see that expletives also help to control your blood pressure with respect to voting.
    I’ll be watching Abortion Barbie, aka Wendy Davis, go down in the flames surrounded by the millions upon millions of dollars the democrat party burned on her fruitless campaign. What a conniving, lying sack of shit she is.
    The democrats can’t cheat this time cuz the Voter ID law is still in effect in Texas. If I had a middle finger emoticon, I’d put it here.

  4. I voted yesterday.
    Now I have jury duty…