Um, yeah, uh… hi?

Kind of slacking on the blogging front, here. Sorry. Thursday went up into the mountains at 0’dark:30 to do some wetlands surveying for work, and today I had to go out to my regular dam and then rush through everything to get to the grocery store for provisions to a dinner party tonight (eggplant Parmesan, if you’re wondering, with probably the last of the eggplant for the year), not to mention ye olde staples such as Milk. And a few more gallons of water in case the Ebola takes out the water plant or whatever (most of the ones in the milk jug style containers had leaked out distressingly after the move, so I picked up some in what seemed to be slightly sturdier containers). Not to mention that my phone contract is coming up and with what free computer time I’ve had in the past couple days has been taken up with my stereotypical binge research (anyone have any opinions on Windows Phones, just out of curiosity? I’ve hated my Samsung S3 since right about the first year was up, just seemed to get really buggy and frustrating all of a sudden, and I’m looking into looking into Something Else, and the Nokia Icon seems to have about the best camera available for Verizon which is the feature I care most about). Anywhoo, not much else going on in bluesunland besides one of the H&T Tetras died yesterday with no outward signs of disease or injury, which is slightly concerning, and I got another piece of Malaysian driftwood for my tank and a few more plants, so I might be doing a re-scape tomorrow on the tank. I’m so lame, but I don’t care what you think, and also I keep getting told to join the new indoor shooting range that just opened up a month ago but the new house is within biking distance of the traditional Old White Guy range that’s been around for ages and ages so it would be easier to get to, but either way I probably ought to join one or the other of them because I’ve got like thirty guns and I never shoot any of them and that’s kind of sad and pointless and now I’m rambling so it’s probably time to stop and go to bed…



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2 responses to “Um, yeah, uh… hi?

  1. You are going to bike to the range with a rifle slung on your back, correct?