I didn’t buy any

Cabela’s had one tiny box of .22 Short blanks, and two small boxes of .22 Long shot shells.  Still more rimfire than I’ve seen in a year.


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2 responses to “I didn’t buy any

  1. kx59

    What is up with the .22 drought?
    Even 9mm is coming down in price and much more available.

    • Butch Cassidy

      22 is what should be a niche cartridge with hilariously expensive and complicated manufacturing de on ancient machines that paid for themselves before we were ever conceived. It is not worth manufacturer money/time/space to get more machines, people are used to the drought and pounce when they see it to keep the cycle running, and the makers can’t drop tolerances to lower costs/supper production without all hell breaking loose.

      I’ve been shooting loooooooooooots of airgun since The Great Panic.