Later, Taters

I’m off to Utah for a few days to sit on a boat in some canyons and drink rum and tonic water in various combinations. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do stupid while I’m gone.  If you catch Ebola please cover your mouth when you sneeze.  Might could expect some pictures by the end of next week, but don’t count on it. The motto of Houseboat is “Start easy and then just taper off.”

Oh, also, “Happy birthday to me!”  “Thanks, me!” “Me, you’re starting to get old.” “Nonsense, the doctor told me the other day that he didn’t think you needed to get your blood screened for high cholesterol and the like until you were 30.” “Wow, me, considering the last 3 years have passed in such a blur, what makes you think the next 3 won’t?” “Stop thinking about that and just go enjoy Powell!” “Sounds like a plan.”



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7 responses to “Later, Taters

  1. Hat Trick

    I wish you a happy birthday and a good vacation.

  2. Butch Cassidy

    Happy birthday but as a one-month belated present to myself, I am stealing that motto.

  3. Wait, you’re not 30 yet?


  4. Happy Birthday. Partner in Grim Recently passed the big Three Oh. I stopped at the Fig Five Oh, and just mumble now.

    Have a great time!

  5. Happy Birthday and have fun! And have one for me. Great news about the cholesterol.
    You should visit AZ some time…


  6. kx59

    Happy Birthday Bluesun!