Coming home to roost

Apparently Eric Holder is resigning today. Curiously right when he’s losing court cases about Fast and Furious.


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2 responses to “Coming home to roost

  1. kx59

    Aside from all the speculation about him being nominated for the supreme court, I think it’s more likely obama wants the stink as far from him as possible.
    obama is getting pretty ripe as it is. He’s on track to have lowest approval rating ever.
    I’m pretty much ready for both of them to hit the lucrative college speech circuit. obama will most likely just live off his presidental EBT card though so he can just play golf. I have to wonder what moochele will do with herself after this. She’ll have to pay for her own plane tickets.
    Can you imagine a worse job to have in the Secret Service? obama’s post presidency detail? He’s still pretty young for a Prez. Batan death march.