Because I needed another hobby


To be fair, it’s not a new hobby.  I have a 58 gallon that’s sat empty since I went to college.  Been thinking about setting it up again, but looking at it, it’s pretty beat up. I started looking at numbers and decided that to get it where I wanted it I might as well buy a new one.

So I did.

Testing for leaks (somewhere it’s not disastrous if there is a leak) for a day or two before it comes into the house, which gives me enough time to order some of the other equipment I need. 



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2 responses to “Because I needed another hobby

  1. What are you going to put into it? (besides “fish”, which I assumed)

    • I’m planning on doing some sort of low-medium tech planted tank, with an amazon theme. Driftwood, Corys, and Neons is what I want to go with.