Thought for the day

“Parkour is the French martial art of running away.”


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  1. Butch Cassidy

    Now I want to see a movie about the French Resistance doing urban gymnastics all over with a Sten while making German occupational life a pain…

    So, Saboteur the movie rather than game I guess.

    • You seen District 13?

      • I LOVE District 13.

        Leito kills 3 guys in that opening and only even touches 1(the one he threw down the stairwell). He incapacitates another 2, and only makes contact with the guy he kicked in the head. If you enjoyed this clip, be sure to also check out Daimien’s introduction, where he cleans out an entire illegal casino.

        The scene in that video is also paid homage to, shot-for-shot, in the pilot of the American television series, Chuck.