Tapping my heels together right now

If I never post again it’s probably because my office was sucked up to Oz–there’s some downright ungodly wind out there right now, and it’s knocking things over and around and any other direction you’d choose to point (the weather service is saying gusts of 40 mph, which seems a bit low). Just gonna hunch here next to my computer and whisper “there’s no place like home” over and over…



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5 responses to “Tapping my heels together right now

  1. Butch Cassidy

    Throw a paper airplane out the window and see if it reaches Kansas!

    • That I’m not sure of, but I bet it could have gotten to Utah or Wyoming

      • Butch Cassidy

        But then Dorothy won’t get the letter you folded into the plane…

        • I can’t control the wind, my friend, but I have to ask, can you find a bumper sticker for “Will it Blend”?

          • Butch Cassidy

            It appears that at least one was made and the seller’s account was suspended. Presumably for willingness to overlook copyrights. But, if you e-mail me, I may know a guy…who totally would clear it as kosher…pinky swear…