There are some days that I pity the poor UPS driver




September 2, 2014 · 15:51

4 responses to “There are some days that I pity the poor UPS driver

  1. Thought I’d give this new “Amazon Pantry” thing a shot.

  2. I am very confused. Decide to give life as a complete shut-in a go?

    • There was one thing that I wanted that I could only get not in a massive multi-pack through Pantry. So I decided to see what else they had to fill up the rest of the box. Needed Cranberry juice, check. Almost out of bandaids, check. Pretty soon it turned into a game to see how close to the weight limit I could go–99.4% I think I was. It’s all stuff that otherwise would have been gotten at the grocery store, for equivalent prices (I think Amazon was a tad cheaper in general, but there is shipping costs with Pantry). Basically, I like the idea, probably won’t do it more than once a year, and the only person who looses is the UPS guy (who I’m sure by now hates my guts), but he knew what he was getting into when he signed on.

    • kx59

      I almost spit beer into my keyboard.
      now that was funny Butch. I apologize Bluesun, but it just was.