Tonight’s drink


Large quantities of rum muscle relaxants. That may look like a rum and coke… but don’t worry, I think I’ve diluted the coke to non-lethal levels.

Yesterday I spent an hour with my foot jammed on the go pedal on the lawnmower (finally got it to run again), resulting in a massive cramp in the leg that woke me up in the middle of the night. So bad it was still sore this morning.

Today I climbed up and down my dam, took an hour or two to do the data entry, came home, and climbed up and down a ladder in 95 degree heat to install light fixtures in the shop at the new house. 11 fixtures in a 20×60 structure–maybe not decadent levels of light, but immeasurably more than the ONE fluorescent light fixture in the old house’s garage. Best part is, they were all free, given to us by our handyman friend, who took them from another job where the people were just going to throw them away.

But 5 hours of ladders after a couple hours of climbing up a steep dam after a horrid leg cramp means I think I would feel better if I got an amputation… hence the rum.



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3 responses to “Tonight’s drink

  1. kx59

    “but don’t worry, I think I’ve diluted the coke to non-lethal levels”
    I gotta say, that really tickled my funny bone. I’m going to file that one away in the pithy quips lobe of my brain for future use.
    You are young, you’ll heal quickly. Had I done all the shit you did, I’d be at an emergency care clinic.
    Enjoy it while you can. I miss my bullet proof days.

  2. Pickle juice does wonders for cramps.
    I save the sweet gherkin juice.