A short movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Let’s see. I think I can say that this is my favorite Marvel movie yet, or at least tied with the first Iron Man, which means it’s a knife edge in front of The Avengers. Definitely the funniest Marvel flick–just an amazingly large amount of snarky banter, which is pretty much how you get into the fast lane to my heart. Plus, cool spaceships and lots of explosions, which are the other two ways to get in. And gunfights with maniacal laughter. And a pretty good mixtape. Another couple ways in. It does a good job at introducing all these new characters without mindless exposition.

So yeah. I’ll give it the highly coveted “This Summer’s Pacific Rim” award, which means I’ll also probably be giving it another couple views in theaters and another couple hand fulls of dollars. And the greatest thing about it is that even people who haven’t seen the other Marvel movies can watch it, because there’s not a whole lot of overlap with anything that’s happened in the others! So no excuses, bluesun says: “go see it!”


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2 responses to “A short movie review: Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. I actually did finally get to watch Pacific Rim last week.

    It was a really good terrible movie, worth a watch or two. Not sure it would stand up to more, but I think it was significantly better in light of the fact that the new Godzilla movie hadn’t come out yet. I have a feeling that Paific Rim 2 is going to face off directly against Godzilla 2, and it’s not going to be pretty.

    • I’ve now seen Pacific Rim four or five times, and the reason I love it is because of how terrible it is, in every awesome way possible. And if they were going head to head, I would go see its sequel twice before I even considered Godzilla. Then again, the Broderick version was also a favorite for me. But either way, GO SEE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, which is good no matter how you feel about these other unrelated things!