I have no idea how to title this

Spent the day down at grandpa’s, cleaning it up one more time before it gets rented out. Weeded the truck farm plot, moved a lot of dirt with shovels, then saw a mysterious hole. In it was the septic tank; one of the railroad ties used as the lid (and then covered with dirt, not a complete redneck operation) had rotted out after 50 years (imagine that). So we spent the next few hours moving a lot of dirt with shovels and the backhoe. Cut some new timbers, stretched a new tarp, and re-covered it all with dirt. So needless to say, had a bit of… grunge, let’s say, going on. Took a shower first, then grilled up some corn (since corn season is starting! Yay!) and mushed up the leftover Kentucky fried rat from lunch and the leftover vindaloo from supper yesterday, and called it a meal. Served with a nice Dos Equis, because I obviously don’t care what you think, it was darn tasty, and now I’m watching the baseball game and contemplating a gin and tonic. If only I could work up the energy to stand up, it might just happen.



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6 responses to “I have no idea how to title this

  1. Now I want a Dos Equis. Haven’t had one in…four?..years. And spinach/feta calzone for supper, here.

  2. brigid223

    That’s a beer you earned. Well done.