Ed has a post talking about that it’s been 45 years since Apollo 11 launched, as of yesterday. I attempted to leave a comment there, but since Livejournal occasionally goes insane about comments, I’m not sure I got it through, so I’ll just leave this here:

The alt text is especially poignant, reading: “The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there’s no good reason to go into space–each discovered, studied, and remembered by the ones who made the irrational decision.”

That sums up everything for me.



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  1. divemedic

    That’s because we have decided to use our resources in weakening our genetic pool by feeding and giving handouts to those who produce nothing except more dependant offspring.

  2. I wonder if that’s why humans in science fiction are always portrayed as the kind of people who never stop for anything.

    Because those are the only ones who’re going to make it.