Summer Book Binge–Honor Harrington

Started June 28, 2014: David Weber’s Honor Harrington series (hint–go here for all sorts of great Baen books). After finishing the 12 books in the main storyline available from the aforementioned website, I just purchased and started book 13, “A Rising Thunder.” On the aforementioned website were several short story compilations and the beginnings of two side storylines, which I will read when I’m done with book 13.

Wondering why I haven’t been posting much, lately?  Because I’ve read 12 books in the past 15 days is why.


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  1. Butch Cassidy


  2. I just recently introduced my husband (a Diehard Fantasy reader) to Weber’s sci-fi universe. He doesn’t read as quickly as I do, so it’ll keep him occupied for a while lol