For fucks sake


Bloomberg apparently doesn’t even know how to read a nap. COLORADO SPRINGS doesn’t have ROADS according to him.  The are not enough face palm pictures to show how hard I am face palming right now.


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5 responses to “For fucks sake

  1. Just more trying to convince people that anywhere that allows guns is “uncivilized.”

    Even if that “uncivilized” place happens to be the second largest city in the state by population.(we’re actually one of the top 10 cities nationwide by land area.)

  2. Butch Cassidy


    • I’m smarter, nicer, and better looking than ol’ Bloomberg, so why can’t I be a billionaire?

      • Butch Cassidy

        If you’d stop humpin’ yer sister’s pig in the holla, you’d maybe trade your gats in and be rewarded with a nice, starter C.E.O. job. Hick.